Is war the Answer?

The year is 2030 and the world is on the brink of war, a new oranginstion has mangeded to get hold of Nuclear war heads and something else is not right either can MI6 agent codenamed Ghost put a end to this or will he pay with a price?


1. June 15th 2030


It was a cold winters morning in the vast mountains of Edinbourgh. Where two hills set aside each other so when the sen comes up it look like an arch. I was getting ready to travel to southern London to work at a top secret organistion know is the SIS (secret Intelligence service). I had worked there for many years getting tons of training and learning which was very interesting. I mangened to get promoted to MI6 where you work mostly abroad collecting intelligence for the service. We collect intelligence to protect the united kingdom from terrorist threat. Such as missile strikes, nuclear weapons and invasion.

I got to work and I was being briefied on my mission which was very hard to listen to because I did not believe and single word of it. Acording to my section chief, the russains where making negotions with the Koreans to launch a new undetectible satilate which could launch nuclear warheads onto all major english and american cities. i got more info and they were deploying me to Moscow were I would search for the launch and weapons.

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