Change has got to come

Lucy is known for her ginger mane of hair and she hates it. She wants to be seen as the clever and pretty one. It doesn't help when people start calling her fat...


1. Gingers do have souls!

ok, I may have eaten a little too much over the summer holidays but i'm not fat. Definately. Maybe. Fine! I am a bit fat. But that is no reason for people to keep shouting fat ginger at me. Yes, I am ginger and fat. Not exactly a good image. At least i'm pretty. Well, my mum says I am. Then again, every mum says their daughter is pretty. Great, now i'm ginger, fat and ugly.

I get up from my bed, walk over to my mirror and burst into tears. I am a disgusting person who wears frumpy clothes.

Right, that's it, I am going shopping and I am going to get some clothes that look good. It's not like i'm poor or anything, after all my dad is kinda wealthy. Ok, my family is very rich.

Once I get outside and breathe in the fresh air, I am fine again. That's it! I can get slim again by walking! I've already planned a diet. I will start by walking the longer route into town, through the park, then I can get some clothes.

"Gingers have no souls!" Once again a nice day has been ruined by some idiot from school. I was even starting to like my walk. An hysterical laugh from the boy who shouted makes me turn around and glare at him "Gingers do have souls! It's people like you who have no souls!" It is a weak come-back but it is the only one I have. His laughs follow me all the way to the end of the park.

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