Jennifer is an shy and average college student who has recently moved to the harsh surroundings of Hackney. Soon after, Jennifer finds herself in a game of cat and mouse with multiple local gangs. When the secluded and mysterious new girl, Alex arrives offering her support, Jennifer thinks she's found a friend when in fact Alex could be even more deadly than she could ever imagine...

All is not what it seems in this game of deadly lies...


3. Afraid


For the remainder of that day, I decided I'd done enough 'sightseeing' (if you could call it that) and I treated myself to a night in. After a quick yet tasty dinner of spaghetti bologonese, I curled up on my sofa with a cup of hot chocolate and my favourite magazine.

It was silent but not a harsh silence, a warm one.

About ten minutes in, I heard a bang. Like rain falling on a tin roof, almost. There was a second clatter and I jumped, spilling  a drop of steaming hot cocoa on my knee. I scowled and placed the mug down on the table as I uncoiled my legs from their comfort and headed out to my front garden, following the noise.

Outside, it was slightly chilly yet I felt a tinge of warmth as if some sun rays still lingered in the night air. There was no sign of the noise or where it came from. I leant against the white wooden frame of my door, eyeing up the rest of my street. I noticed that every house in my view had the curtains pulled back fully, their gates close with their latches hooked and not a light in sight. 

It was then I realised for the week that I had lived here, I had never seen even a glimpse of my neighbours. I had no idea who they were, what they looked like and it shouldn't have bothered me- but it did. 

Then, just as I was about to brush off the noises and shut the door, I heard a loud scream. 

By instinct, I dashed forward to the gate and stumbled through the gate.

I headed for noise which sounded like it was coming from alley opposite the road. I crept along the wall slowly before stopping; I could hear voices.

"Give it here" someone growled, followed by rustling.

"Give us the purse. Hurry" another voice urged,

There was a whimper that sounded like a woman and then a shriek as the rest descended into laughter. 

I craned my neck round to see a young woman surrounded by a gang of hooded figures on bikes. I stood rigid, unsure whether to confront them or back away and pretend I never saw. In the end, I decided the latter, not wanting any trouble or enemies in my first week. I retreated slowly, trying not to make any noise which of course, everyone knows, is much harder when you are trying not to make any noise. 

As I edged back, I suddenly hit a nearby dustbin which clattered loudly. I ducked down rapidly using a nearby bush as my shield. I heard the furious spinning of the gang's bike wheel's as they hurtled out of the alley and up and down the street looking for the noisy culprit. 

I kept my head down and kept silent as I heard the soft panting and delicate footsteps of the woman running away. After a few minutes, when there seemed to be no signs of the hooded bike demons, I popped my head up to see the clear, derelict street. I jumped up nimbly and hurried over to the opposite sign of the road and back into my house. 

Safe and sound, I took deep breaths and calmed by fast paced heartbeat until it was steady once again. I walked stiffly to my light brown sofa and settled down into the soft leather. I picked up my slightly colder hot chocolate, closed my eyes and took a sip.

It was still silent but not a warm silence- a harsh one. 


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