Jennifer is an shy and average college student who has recently moved to the harsh surroundings of Hackney. Soon after, Jennifer finds herself in a game of cat and mouse with multiple local gangs. When the secluded and mysterious new girl, Alex arrives offering her support, Jennifer thinks she's found a friend when in fact Alex could be even more deadly than she could ever imagine...

All is not what it seems in this game of deadly lies...


1. A Warm Welcome

"And this is the science wing" Ms. Logan announced grandly, gesturing with her arms as we all turned down one of the corridors. She retrieved the key from the lanyard around her neck and unlocked the room to the right of us. 

I gazed round the room, my bright eyes widening at the sight. The room's wall's were made entirely out of glass reflecting the warm yellow rays of sunlight and illuminating the room. The equipment was organised and sat each it's own place, shiny and brand new. Big machines and small machines were placed all over the room with countless switches, knobs, dials, buttons and blinking lights littered on them. Wide screens hung down from one wall and scientific posters and formulae graphs and charts were plastered everywhere.

"It's beautiful" I whispered, barely being able to take it in. This is where I was going to be studying for the next two years and so far it was impressive. 

"Well I should hope so!" Ms. Logan chuckled loudly from behind me, "It cost about £7 000"

I smiled at her as filed back out of the lab and along the corridor. Ms. Logan and I walked in front side by side as we talked while the tour group ambled behind us. 

"So are you thinking of going here then?" Ms. Logan asked, raising her eyebrows hopefully,

"I'm way past thinking! I love it here!" I beamed, 

"Well, two more months until we'll have you back here for good, eh?" Ms. Logan nudged me playfully,

"Can't wait" I laughed,

Ms. Logan turned back to the rest of the tour group as we reached the reception and entrance.

"That concludes today's tour everyone" She called out over their chatter, "You are free to talk to me or any of the guides if you have any questions. Other than that, there's free refreshments in the lobby and we look forward to seeing you all in September!" Ms. Logan tittered cheerfully.                                                            

There was a scatter of claps followed my murmurs as everyone dispersed into the lobby and reception area. Only a few stayed to talk to the guides. I peered around for Ms. Logan, eager to ask her more about their science courses. Eventually I spotted her surrounded by intimidating mums with their bored and embarrassed children sighing behind them. Patiently, I turned to a noticeboard with various important signs tacked onto the cork.

"Can I help you?" A girl's voice asked from behind me,

I whipped round slowly to face a tall tanned girl with scraggly, long blonde hair. She wore a short, tight black dress with a skinny cream belt and a long cardigan. Her pink lips were in a subtle pout as her smouldering hazel eyes glared at me, awaiting my answer.

"I-I..." I stuttered, not quite sure what to say, "I, erm...I was just wondering what science courses you have here?"

She glanced uneasily to one side before extending her arm to get a brochure from behind me. "Here take this. It's got all the courses inside" 

"Thanks" I said with a meek smile 

"Glad I could help. My name's Alex" She held out her hand with a warm smile,

"My name's Jenny...Jennifer but Jenny" I replied slipping my hand into hers,

"Thinking of coming here in September then?" Alex asked,

I nodded.

"You should, it's really good" 

"Do you go here?" I asked, 

"Yeah, I just started my course...been here for about four months" 

"What are you studying?" 

"Biology and Art. I love Art, it's just so fascinating. The feel of it, the elegance and beauty, the elements and different points of views..." Alex started, she glanced at me and laughed. "I'm sorry, I ramble on sometimes" 

"No, no, carry on, it's lovely" I burbled before blushing at my eagerness, "I'm not so good at Art"

"Oh, that's fine, Art's not for everyone. What are you studying?"

"Sciences" I replied,

"Oooh, we'll be in the same biology class then" She giggled, "You new here then?" 

"Just moved onto Piers Rd" I nodded,

"Ahhh. Piers Rd, the 'posher' side of town" She laughed, "Where you from?"

"Brighton" I answered,

"Brighton to Hackney? That's a bit of a move, ain't it?" Alex raised an eyebrow,

"Well....I just needed a change I guess" I shrugged,

"Hmmm....understandable. Hackney though?" She sighed, 

I suddenly felt uneasy. What was so bad about Hackney?

"Anyway, let me not bore you....how about I walk you home?"

"Oh no, don't let me bother you!" I smiled, 

"It's no bother, let me walk you" She persuaded, 

I looked at her, unsure.

"Please?" She titled her head, 

"Alright. Alright. Let's go" 

Alex fetched her bag from the reception desk and we strolled out the tall glass doors with the mutual feeling that we had both found a friend. 

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