Jennifer is an shy and average college student who has recently moved to the harsh surroundings of Hackney. Soon after, Jennifer finds herself in a game of cat and mouse with multiple local gangs. When the secluded and mysterious new girl, Alex arrives offering her support, Jennifer thinks she's found a friend when in fact Alex could be even more deadly than she could ever imagine...

All is not what it seems in this game of deadly lies...


2. 32 Piers Rd

32 Piers Rd was a small, two floor house on the far south side of Hackney. To get to it, you had to go right across to the other end of the High St. and over a short bridge overlooking a pebble-filled stream. Alex and I chatted the whole way about school life, about family, about living in Hackney....Alex found it so easy to talk to me just as much as I did to her. It was weird; we had just met but we felt as if we could talk about anything.

Finally, we arrived at my sandy coloured three bedroom home. I swung open the white hinged gate and we entered my front garden.As we treaded upon the stony straight path leading to my panelled white door,the fresh smell of the green grass filled my nose. I retrieved my keys from my handbag and unlocked the door swiftly. 

"Here we are" I remarked once inside. I set my keys, handbag and armful of brochures down on the table near the door and motioned for a awestruck Alex to come inside.

"Wow" Alex uttered as she pivoted round slowly admiring her surroundings,

I laughed but inside I felt very proud. It truly was a lovely house and I could say I earned it. Countless house viewings, patronising estate agents, constant scrutiny- all of which had paid of greatly in such a beautiful house.

I looked around. The cream walls that complimented the shiny wooden floorboards, the solid coloured furniture made of delicate oak, the roaring warmth of the fireplace beneath the mahogany shelves and picture frames. The longer I looked at it, the more it felt less like a house and more like a home. 

A hip-hop tune cut through the air as Alex's phone started to ring.

"Sorry" She said sheepishly as she whipped her phone out of her pocket and pressed the answer button. 

"Hello?" She called, quite loudly, into the phone. There was a pause as the person on the other end spoke and then Alex headed towards my open front door and into the front garden. I heard her mutter into her phone, turning away from me.

"What do you mean?" She suddenly shouted sharply into the phone. There was silence and then Alex pulled the phone away from her ear abruptly and hit 'end call'. She stormed back in, her face slightly flushed and her lips twisted into an angry pout.  

"Is everything ok?" I asked, concerned, scared and confused. 

Alex looked up and the scowl melted off her face. She seemed to realise I was there and slowly calm down.

"Oh...erm, yeah...yeah...sorry. It was just...some idiot trying to wind me up" She shrugged, flapping her hand carelessly. 

Do you want something to eat?" I asked Alex politely, 

"No, no, I'm ok, I...well, I guess I should be leaving now" She smiled sheepishly,

"Oh...no worries, we should meet again" I suggested,

"Yeah, yeah, of course! Let me get your number" She said, holding out her phone towards me which was now on the dialling screen,

After I had retrieved my own phone from my handbag and given it to her to enter her own number, I typed in my name and number onto her phone. 

"Here you go" I said handing her phone back

"And yours" She smiled handing my phone back to me,

"Great" I said, sliding my phone back into my pocket

"I guess I'll be seeing you then" Alex chirped as she strolled towards the door, 

"It was great meeting you Alex" I said and then, before she could reply, I wrapped my arms round her and drew her in for a hug. She embraced me back and we parted,

"See you Jen" She waved and smiled as she trotted back out of my house, along the stony path and out the white gate. I closed the door with a click and couldn't help but smile to myself. 

Today couldn't of gone better...

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