A little girl waits for her father


1. Waiting

There’s a little girl, crying for her father,

waiting for him to love her.

She sits on the stairwell

staring at the door,

Waiting for the moment

that he’ll come walking through.

Her mother tells her he’s not coming back

but still she waits for him

She doesn’t believe that he doesn’t care


The days pass one by one,

and she’s slowly dying inside.

And still she waits,

though her heart is breaking.

She doesn’t know you but she’s wants to

She’s waiting for you,

wishing and hoping.

Through all the years of silence,

the emptiness inside grows day by day.

And still she waits because she loves you


She’s waiting for her happy ending

Don’t let her dreams shatter and die

Let her know that you really care


There’s a little girl, crying for you

Waiting for you to love her


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