The Best Summer Of My Life

Your name is Melanie and you're 15 years old. You are going to London for 3 months with your best friend Sandie on vacation. You're staying at a hotel wich is very expensive. But what Melanie and Sandie doesn't know, is their lifes are going to change.


1. The trip to London

I woke up by the noise of the annoying clock. But the feeling of going to London today, was helping me putting on a smile. I got up, made by bed and went downstairs to get some breakfast. Goodmorning babe, are you excited for your trip to London? - my mom said. "Yeah, very excited. I can't wait. We're leaving in about 30 minutes". I went into the kitchen and made myself some breakfast. Pancakes with nutella and a glass of juice. Mmmmh, my favourite. When I was done eating, I went upstairs to put on some clothes and a natural makeup. I checked my phone, and 1 missed call from Sandie, so I got my pink suitcases and went downstairs, said goodbye to my mom and drove to the airport with Sandie.

We found our places in the airplane, and finally we were on our way to London. I found my iPod and put on Everything About You by One Direction. I was a huge fan.



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