Azkaban- Eaten Alive

In this short story of mine, i decided to go with a 7 year old pokemon, with weight issues, and gas problems.


1. The whole story

When I first arrived in Azkaban, we got jam donuts and milkshakes, and we were able to play games and it was the best experience ever.

But then . . . someone else enrolled into Azkaban, and the rules were changed, and we weren't allowed to go swimming anymore, and we were fed jam! instead of donuts! and we were given plain milk to drink!

I was enrolled into Azkaban at quite a young age; 7, and i liked how things were then; when we were able to get out of that city bustle and into prison. I liked the old days; When someone was hung by your neck for picking their nose in public, but now the laws have changed, and they havn't changed for better.


It was a beautiful Wednesday afternoon, and we were eating our jam and drinking our milk, when  the new comer came through the doors, he was a pimped out vampire with a serious case of pink eye. Everyone stopped what they were doing to stare at this new comer.

But not me. No. Instead i looked down and started to scrub at my face with the jam anxiously, when a shadow fell over the table, i looked up; eyes full of jam, and a fat stubby finger was pointing right at my face, the person that the finger belonged to started to speak in a foreign language and in no time there were at least five people licking my face, and nibbling at my ears.


That night, i was eaten alive.


The End

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