Cabin in the Woods

two men take shelter in an old cabin as their hunting trip ends in disaster when they find themselves being hunted.

*Note* not affiliated in any way with ''The cabin in the woods, 2012''.
I had written my first draft way before the release of that movie.

*Note* Cover picture rights go to it's respective owner, I do not own it.


1. Cabin in the Woods


They were stuck in the cabin. Carol had his old double barreled shotgun with him, but he only had 5 cartridges left, 2 of which were already loaded. Ofcourse he only needed to get one good hit, However the lupine monstrosities outside were moving faster than deer! Thomas had nothing but his bare clothes, although he was a good fighter, he probably wouldn’t last long against the beasts who were armed with 2inch long claws and a mouthful of tissue ripping carnassials.

The cabin was made up of boards which were sturdy but if the creatures wanted to come in, those wouldn’t stop them. The hut also had 2 windows; one was on situated directly next to the door, and the other to the right when you’d come in, which meant that the moonlight dripped in from both windows and illuminated the inside.

Carol and Thomas were standing in the corner on the far end keeping there distance from the windows and door.


“we have them now, they can’t escape’’ “no you can’t, you shouldn’t kill them!’’ ”I need the meat, I can’t sustain myself otherwise’’ ‘’one has a gun, it’s too dangerous!’’


Suddenly both the creatures leapt trough windows simultaneously; Carol fired instantly but merely scraped the one nearest to Thomas, though he slowed it briefly. The other creature, which you could now easily identify as a male, threw himself upon Carol. In defense Carol jammed his weapon between him and his opponent, but due to the weight and power of this male creature he collapsed on the floor. He managed to deflect the lupine figure to one side and with a quick jerk of his barrel Carol aimed the shotgun directly at the hairy figure’s chest, and with the 2nd hail cartridge broke trough the other noises and for a second it was all silent. While the body slumped the other lupine figure who was wrestling with Thomas, howled in regret that its comrade had just fallen.

Revitalized by revenge, its attacks doubled making the wild animal so ferocious one thought impossible. Thomas deflected some of the attacks with a wooden stick which would not last a lot longer. Carol scrambled to reload the gun, he pulled out the remaining three out of his pocket and hastily trying to reload, adrenaline pumping he was shivering out of control, not noticing the blood dripping all over him, he already dropped two onto the floor, but managed to get the last one in. he locked the barrel and prepped it to fire. The humanoid creature had seriously wounded Thomas and was about to execute a deathblow by biting down into his neck. ‘’SHOOT IT!!” shouted Thomas.

Without hesitation Carol pulled the trigger and blew both figures through the wall of the shack and again silence followed, but this time it lasted longer then a second, it was eventually broken by a groan outside and a few bits and pieces of shrapnel dropping onto the floor.

Carol, his hands shivering and head low, peered through the hole he had blown out of the cabin. The two figures outside didn’t move.  Taking a quick look at the lupine figure behind him, as if he was making sure it was dead, he hurried towards the door, he opened it with caution and then moved with a brisk pace toward Thomas.

The moon had just disappeared behind the clouds.

The first thing besides blood were two figures, of course he immediately recognized Thomas but the other was not the one that he had blown trough the cabin wall, it was in fact a beautiful young girl, he’d guess about 22. The two casualties lay next to each other, a bit mangled and blood pouring out of the wounds, making it obvious that they needed medical attention. He stood there for a brief moment inspecting and wondering how a hairy beast on one side of a cabin wall could change into a beautiful creature on the other. He soon came to his senses focused on the task at hand and cleared the debris off the wounded bodies and straightening them out. The wounded figures lay adjacent to each other, they were both the round about 5,7foot tall, both of them had a strong and athletic but also agile build. Both had black hair, though the girl’s hair was a lot more sort after, it was also longer and had blondish locks. She had a soft yet alert face.


Carol had rushed to the car, which was down the road, for the first aid kit and to call for help. During the while that he was gone, the moon had reappeared from behind the clouds lighting the whole valley in a soft silvery glow.

Back at the cabin both of the stricken humans were stirring, the wounds on both had stopped flowing although the surrounding snow was completely soaked in a maroon colour.

The gashes in Thomas’s torso started closing at a speed that could be witnessed with naked eyes. It was hardly anything compared to the speed that the young girl’s her wounds were regenerating. The hail pellets in her skin had been pushed out and had dropped in the snow, soon after she opened her eyes and turned to one side in preparation to get up. She put one hand on the ground and lifted. She saw a lovely young man, covered in what was still wet blood, lying in the snow next to her. Her feelings were a mix of anger, grief and pity. She realized then what had happened to her comrade.

Her gaze shifted toward the hole in the cabin’s side, the light that the moon exerted covered the face of the dead ally. She closed her eyes in pain of the loss of a close friend, and eventually, after having recovered from wounds which most people would never would have fully recover from,  rose.

When she did, her eyes made contact with the lunar body in the sky, triggering muscle and hair growth; she bulked up, her nose getting longer and together with her jaws started turning into what looked like a snout. Her ears lengthened and moved up her black hair. She dropped to all fours, feeling exhausted. A tail, slender but a bit bushy started growing out from her tailbone.  She grew whiskers and amazingly large eyes.

Thomas had opened his eyes and the first thing he saw was the creature that had injured him so badly just minutes before. Except this wasn’t some hideous looking monster. Now properly illuminated by the moon’s raze, stood before him humanoid wolf, a female by the looks of it, there wasn’t that much muscle mass  but more a relatively slender figure, completely black, with a mane.

Thomas shifted slightly and the majestic being spun round immediately, showing her violator her canines and growled. She leaped upon him and grabbed his arms and pinned him down. Thomas couldn’t do much, still wounded he tried move but could not, he waited for the inevitable. He looked in the graceful creatures eyes, she wasn’t that much stronger or bigger than him except that she wasn’t hurt. She stopped growling and snarling, it was quiet for a moment, only Thomas’s breath could be heard, then the lupine female sniffed him, she got very close, he could feel the females breath in his neck, then she sniffed again. Her eyes readjusted to meet his gaze and the highlights in her eyes flared as if about to cry.

Her thoughts went from mainly anger to sorrow and grief again. Thomas wasn’t really frightened anymore, but amazed, this beautiful creature almost lying on him. She was completely naked of course though covered in soft hair.

She didn’t feel like killing him anymore, the rage had passed, instead she was almost curious and almost in love. It was almost as if the two connected with each other. The pressure on Thomas’s body lowered, while this happened he moved his head closer to her’s, having eye contact continuously. Then suddenly she licked him. he was completely dumbstruck.

Then a shout came from right behind them, it was Carol who had returned from the truck with the first aid kit. The lupine figure jerked round and met Carol’s eyes, the briefly looked at the shotgun that Carol had put against the side of the cabin more than 6min before. Carol also looked at the shotgun and weighed his chances of being able to get it in time. He went for it.

The female humanoid wolf got frightened, she jumped to her feet and ran behind the shed back into the shadowy pine-forest from when she came.

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