Why did the bullies choose me?

This is about a girl who got bullied terribly..


2. Stay away.

Dear Diary,

Today at school wasnt paticulary bad.  Bethany and her gang were to busy smoking to be dealing with me, and I got away with staying in Mrs. Gregs classroom at break and lunch. I know it is weird diary, but it is like she is the only one I can talk to. Obviously, not about bullying or my parents, but about my achivements, not much to tell about that though.

After school, Bethany managed to catch up with me, but luckily it was just her. She started taunting me and then punched me, giving me a black eye. Tomorrow, I will have to wear a lot of makeup to cover that up! It isnt hurting to bad, but, I guess I have had worse. Much worse.

Got science homework due tomorrow. I love science, but I am worried that if I do it, everyone will call me things like 'geek' and 'nerd'. I cant take take that, espcially in front of the teacher. She will get far too suspicious.

Anyway, got to go now. If mum finds out I have a diary, she will...well, she will...I dont want to think about that..



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