Why did the bullies choose me?

This is about a girl who got bullied terribly..


5. Giving up.

Dear Diary,

I think this is going to be my last time writing to you diary.  I cant take anymore. I thought by now the bullies would give up, and my parents would realise they were in the wrong, but no. Everyone continues as if it is alright to hurt someone, and to make there heart ache everyday. I sometimes wish that everyone who has hurt me, would go through what I have, but no one deserves that, not even the bullies.

Even if I did die, who would miss me. I have no friends, and I am just a drag to my family that wont go away. I dont want to be a drag, I want to be worth it..be wanted, not be invisible anymore. The only way to achieve that is by death..and I will achieve that. Promise.


Thankyou for listening to me Diary, you have been a great friend.

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