The Girl Who Cheated On Him and Him.

Sally had to choose between 2 boys, but the descion was too hard. So, she had a solution. Cheat. And that caused something that would change her life forever.


5. Make up.

What am I ment to do, Sally thought to herself. She left Matthews house quickly, telling him she had earrands to run. How could she do this to James? She had been a cheater, a liar, and most of all a heartbreaker.


She went back to the house, hoping that James wouldnt be there. Unfourtuantly he was.

"Where the hell have you been" James shouted, storming in. "I was about to report a missing person. Do you not know how worried I have been?"

"I know and I am so sorry James.." Replied Sally. She hung her head, she felt bad..but not for the right reasons..

"That isnt good enough, is it Sally." James said it alot more softly. He felt glad that she was safe in his innocent, loving but un-aware heart. He gave her a hug, a bit more tighter that usual. He then started kissing her, a bit to hard for her liking.

"James..James Stop" Sally said inbetween kisses.

"Look Sally"  James replied stepping back. "I realise what this realtionship is lacking. When you saw Matthew and that girl of his kissing, I know why you ran."

"You dont...I promise you." Sally was nervous in case he did get it right..

"I'll show you.."

He started kissing her passionalty, too passionalty. Sally didnt like it, she ddnt like it at all, but she had to carry on. If she didnt, James would know something was wrong. So, throughtout the night they continued and throughout it, Sally was more upset and guilty than ever.


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