The Girl Who Cheated On Him and Him.

Sally had to choose between 2 boys, but the descion was too hard. So, she had a solution. Cheat. And that caused something that would change her life forever.


2. Just for tonight.

James and Sally, were getting comfy on the sofa, to watch a film together. They had everything they needed, a flat togther, friends, but of course, each other. Like I said before, they were madly in love, and were planning on getting married during the next 3-4 years. Once the film had started, Sally got a text message. Before she had read it, she knew who it was from. Matthew. James might has well have known, because he told her not to read it.

"Why not" exclaimed Sally.

"Because you know all to well who it is, and I dont want it to ruin our night." Answered James.

"You dont know that." Said Sally, even though she did know he was right.

"Check then, but dont blame me if you get upset over it."

Sally got up, and looked at the text in private. Of course it was from Matthew. Who else. You see, James and Matthew have always fought over Sally. At first, Sally thought it was quite amusing, as she had shown no intrest in either of them, but as she got older, she saw two handsome boys, fighting for her. Even though she had strong feelings for James, she knew she loved Matthew, just as much. Maybe even more. But Matthew had a girlfriend, and Sally couldnt bear to tell James the truth, so she kept her feelings to herself. For the time being.

The text just said that he wished her a good night with James. Sally wished he would still fight for her, but it seemed as if he had given up on her. Sally stood in the hallway for a fe minutes, before she went back to James. She put on a brave face, but underneath, she was confused, in love, but also heartbroken.

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