The Girl Who Cheated On Him and Him.

Sally had to choose between 2 boys, but the descion was too hard. So, she had a solution. Cheat. And that caused something that would change her life forever.


3. Dinner Date.

James took Sally out for dinner the next day. Sally chose a new restaraunt that they had both never been to before. James thought this was strange, as Sally hated trying out new foods, but Sally wasnt there for the food. Matthew had texted her at lunch time, saying that he would be there having dinner, with his girlfriend. Sally couldnt resist not seeing her. She needed to know who the competition was, so she decided to have dinner there to.

On there way to the restaraunt, Sally was nervous. She was having second thoughts.

"Actually.." Said Sally suddenly. "I'm not sure I want to eat here now."

"But we are almost there Sally, dont be difficult." Replied James.

So Sally sat there in silence. She couldnt be bothered to argue with him. She knew how shocked he would be when he saw Matthew there, but she had to act shocked to. Because otherwise, James would know they had been texting, and that Sally knew he was going to be there. Sally couldnt let this happen, but as stubborn as James was, she had no opition, but to get out of the car, walk arm and arm with James, through the automatic doors, and into the restaraunt, where they both saw Matthew, sat there, with his girlfriend, kissing.

Sally couldnt look, her heart was breaking there and then. So she walked out. And kept on walking as far as she could, before he caught up with her.


Sally turned around, and there she saw Matthew, running after her. Her Knight in Shining Armour.

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