Trapped With No Where To Go.

This a story about a girl, who falls in love with her kidnapper..


2. What was I ment to do?

When I arrived at my cousins house, I couldnt believe I had been sent there. It was disgusting. There were beer cans everywhere, ciggaretes, and rubbish all over the floor. When I arrived on his doorstep, I knocked on the door. A few minutes later, he answered, and dragged my stuff inside without saying one word to me. I walked in slowley, avoiding the rubbish, which was difficult considering it was everywhere. I followed him to what appeared to be my room. There was a single bed, with a thin blanket and a pillow. There were no windows, and the door had three locks on it. When he threw my stuff on the bed, he said. "Stay here till I come back, not that you have any choice." He stumbled out and locked the door. I felt like a prisoner, maybe I was. When he spoke to me, his voice was slurred, as if he had been drinking. I tried to keep positive. Maybe, he was only acting like this because he has had a bit too much alchohol, I thought to myself. But if this wasnt true, this could be my life for the next 3-5 years. What was I ment to do?

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