Trapped With No Where To Go.

This a story about a girl, who falls in love with her kidnapper..


4. Taken Away.

They walked in laughing. When they saw me, they told me to sit down and listen. My 'cousin' introduced me to the boy. His name was Jason, and he was 15 years old, nearly 16. He was 6 years older than me, yet I still found him irresitbly cute!  My 'cousin' told me I was going to be staying with Jason for a while...Was this a good thing? I then replied that he wasnt old enough, but Jason said it didnt matter, I would have 'fun' with him. This made me feel uncomfortable, the way he smiled at me..and the way he creeped me out!


My 'cousin' said that I had to go with him there and then. I didnt want to, and I told them this. They ovbiously didnt care because Jason picked me up, and flung me over his shoulder. I started screaming and hitting him, but he was strong. He held me all the way to my 'cousins' van, and shoved me in the back. There was no point trying to get out, I heard the lock on the door, turn. I had no way out. I was trapped with no where to go..



I was in the van for ages, maybe 4-6 hours. They got out everynow and then, probally to stretch their legs, but I was stuck in the back. It was cold and dirty, and I could barley see anything as there was no window. When they opened the door, the light hurt my eyes. They picked me up, and dragged me to Jasons flat. When I was at the door with Jason, my 'cousin' walked to his van, and drove off. I was alone with this stranger, who was fit, but scary. What is going to happen to me. Should I run? Or wait for a better chance..What do I do?

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