Trapped With No Where To Go.

This a story about a girl, who falls in love with her kidnapper..


5. Scared.

Jason grabbed my arm quickly as if he had read my mind. He knew I wanted to run away from him and all of this harsh treatment. Who wouldnt? He took my inside, and it wasnt that bad! There wasnt very much rubbish, and there was a lot of furniture. But when he took me to my room, well, not a room, a cuboard, Jason looked upset with himself.

"Look, I know its not much." Jason said quickly. "But its all I can do, if I give you any better, your cousin will kill me!"

I felt shocked when I heard that. So, technically, he was in as much danger as I was. I smiled at him reassuringly, but why couldnt he just run away and take me with him. I know it wouldnt have been that easy though.

"I will be in the other room if you need me." And he walked out, shutting the door behind him.

When I took a good look at my room, it was even worse than the one before. It was tiny, so tiny that if I stood in the middle of the room and stretched my arms, I could touch both sides of the wall. There was just a thin double matress on the floor, and a random Justin Bieber poster on the wall? What was that about? I dropped my stuff on the hard wooden floor, and cried. I wasnt crying for very long until Jason came in.

Strangly, he hugged me, and quickly let go again. I knew he didnt want to do this to me, but he had no choice. In a way, he was a cute guy, with a nice personality. If this carries on, with the hugs and stuff, I might actually like him!

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