Trapped With No Where To Go.

This a story about a girl, who falls in love with her kidnapper..


3. No Where To Go.

I had been in the room for what felt like days, but as I glanced at my watch, I realsied it had only been 3 hours. I was really thirsty, and hadnt eaten in a while. When was my 'cousin' going to come back? I had been standing up the whole time, as the bed looked like someone had poured a cup of apple juice on it..well, thats what I hope that large yellow stain is. There are beer cans in this room as well, and it smells like someone is using this place for smoking. Outside of the room, I hear my 'cousin' laughing and shouting. He isnt alone. There seems to be another man there, or should I say boy. His voice sounds incredibly high compared to my 'cousins'. I peek through the gap, under the door, and he looks my age. How could this boy want to hang out with someone as stupid and careless as my 'cousin'? Come to think of it, this boy seemed to be quite fit, from what I could tell. He had a good sence of style and his hair was a glossy brown. Nice.

Hang on...they are coming towards the door. I have to act natural, who knows what they are going to do to me.

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