Blood, life, immortality

Celestia knew that someone was out to get her. It had been that way since she had turned 15 last year. But when her family is killed and she is taken prisoner by the lord of darkness, is it too dangerous to fall in love?


4. Vampire, No way !!

Celestia acted like nthing had happened. She told no one anything. Not even her mom or even her bff- Keri. She went to schoo, did trig and biology, language and textiles, art and music. But she never forgot that someone was watching her every move- amost granting her every decision.

One night- a few weeks after their first meeting, Alex took her from her bedroom. It was pitch black- Celestia was freezing. She was wearing her cotton pjs. Alex lead her inside the hotel again. To the same door, to the same room, to see the same faces. Those chilling faces, the ones that she still had nightmares about.

 Alex sat her into a chair and tied her hands behind her back. "Listen- I want to tell you something, it is my deepest, darkess secret." Celestia looked flustered. They had only known each other for a matter of weeks and now this. Any way she went along with it. "Ok, why are you telling me" she asked him apprehensivley. "I love you" He said and then turned his back on her. What, there was no way this could be right, Celestia was just a normal girl- not esspically pretty, not smart. "There is this principle" He carried on "The love principle. It is suspected that everyone in our world, has one person- mortal or the sam, that they are meant to be with."

"So, your getting at that I am yours?" Celestia said. "Yes. But there is a problem- I am a vampire. I am the leader of our world and my father is an improtant figure too. he was extremly disagree with this match, so I have to make you like me." Celestia was shocked, he was a vampire- and he wanted her to be one too. She would have to think about it. "Um, can you prove that you are a vampire?" Celestia asked him.

Alex turned towards her.  He opened his mouth and suddenly, his canines were longer, sharper. They were fangs. He was

a Vampire!!!!!!


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