Blood, life, immortality

Celestia knew that someone was out to get her. It had been that way since she had turned 15 last year. But when her family is killed and she is taken prisoner by the lord of darkness, is it too dangerous to fall in love?


3. Trapped

The car soon was parked outside a hotel. "Where are we going?" Celestia asked the men before her. "We are taking you to our master." They replied. Great she thought, who was there master. Celestia decided that she wouldn't ask any more questions.

As the walked through a back door into the hotel, which seemed to be a lot larger inside that what it looked outside. The men walked her through a laberynith of coridoors, until they reached a door that resembled a safe. One of the men placed a hand over her eyes while another entered the pass code to the room? Celestia was stuffed into the enormous room. There was a man- about her age, 16, standing in the middle of the room.He looked up as the party crowded into the room.

All of the kidnappers saluted to this man- he must be important. "We got her, sir." one of the men said. He nodded them to go out of the room. Celestia was waiting to be grabbed but it did not happen. She had been left alone with this stranger. She heard the door click behind her- signalling it had been locked.

Suddenly, the man walked up to her- "I am Alex" He said "Celestia" she replied "You are now under my power" Alex said and Celestia began to feel dizzy. "I will do anything for you" Celestia said not even trying to speak, she had been put into a trance-like state. She felt as if she had lost control of her mind. Then Alex spoke, "I have took control of your mind and body" He carried on "Eat this!" He commanded her to eat the crimson apple in his hand. She took it and ate a mouthful- then everything went black and she hit the cold stone floor beneath her.

Celestia drifted in and out of conciousness- she felt a piecing pain in her arm. She tried to look at it but her lids were to heavy, so she went back into the comatised condition which she had been lost in before. When she finally woke up,she saw Alex standing in the room where she lay. "I have put a tracker in your arm" He began "And I will keep you under my powers until what it done, is done. Oh, and you will only answer to my commands- with the power thing- you know." So Celestia walked out of the building. Everything had changed.

Everything was different.

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