Blood, life, immortality

Celestia knew that someone was out to get her. It had been that way since she had turned 15 last year. But when her family is killed and she is taken prisoner by the lord of darkness, is it too dangerous to fall in love?


2. Place of Darkness (Continued)

She had had many near-death experiences. Train crashes and mass murders. She was the wonder child the one that survived even when everything around her was falling to pieces. But it wasn't always a good thing. Whenever this happened she seemed to lose people around her whom she loved. She knew that she had lost most of her close realitives now, Celestia knew she would be put into a care home now.She knew that social sevices would be around any time soon.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Celestia walked towards the door and looked out of the peephole.It was someone she had never seen before. "Who is it?" She asked, but there was no reply. All of a sudden, the door before her was smashed into a thousand pieces. "What the ....." She began. Someone had grabbed her from behind. She tried to turn around but the hands that held her were as cold and tough as steel.Some men stood before her. They were all in there late teens.Their features were chisseled of what seemed like marble, thier skin was paler then snow. The men grabbed Celestia and dragged her to a car, just outside her house. "what are you doing?" Celestia screamed. "We are kidnapping you!" The man in front of her said in a calm voice. "Why?" Celestia asked.  But no reply came. She was shoved into the car and they sped off.  

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