I'm So Sick

I'm sick of people making fun of me, calling me names, being horrible to me and in general, being unhumanly sick. They make me sick.


2. Here We Go Again

"Hey!" I heard called across the corridors. I didn't turn, I knew that vile voice anywhere. Like a hissing snake, they spat poison from their fanged mouth. They only called me so they could insult me, it's pathetic, don't they have lives? "Oi!" I heard they scream this time. Why do they take such pride in making my life even worse? No-one knows what happens to me at home, and no-one will. I heard heavy footsteps charging up to me. I rolled my eyes, seriously? Get a life.


"Why are you ignoring me!?" a chavy blonde shrieked in my face. It was almost supersonic, I had to cover my ears with my hands, OW! I glared at her, she was the typical chav. Dyed blonde hair up in a messy bun with brunette roots appeared from her air head, actually make that helium. Her ridiculously short skirt that didn't even cover her arse properly, which was disgusting. Several earrings running up her ear, which looked really over done. Her orange foundation covered face, layered in fake tan. Her eyelashes with what looked like twenty coats of mascara, and a really thick line of eyeliner on her lower lid. Whether there was eyeliner on the upper lid, I couldn't tell, the mascara must be hiding it.


"And why are you not listening to me!? What have I ever done to you?!" she spat in my face. "You are kidding, aren't you?" I attacked back, not caring what she was going to say. "Excuse me?" she echoed in her tounge studded mouth. It was then I thought of a good comeback, "You've been excused." I walked away, not really bothered if she was going to chase after me demanding an explanation why I said that. Well here is your answer, 'I don't speak or understand chav.'

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