The Rippers

My entry for the Music, Movies, Movellas competition. Based on Victorian Vigilante - Abney Park. Everyone has Heard of Jack the Ripper - correct? But not everyone knows that he didn't exist. His legacy, however, is very real. A group of street children that call themselves "The Rippers" commit these terrible deeds, each disguised as the notorious criminal.But when their boss is murdered, the finger is pointed at a number of Rippers. Including Natalie Redstone, a loyal Ripper for three years. Can she clear her name and leave her wretched life behind?


3. No Thanks

I saunter through the rain, yawning in sheer exhaustion. I rap sharply on the door of Hazel Wood House, its peeling paint scratching my blistered fingers. This is no manor house though. When a sharp reply comes: "Redstone? Is that you? Enter I s'pose." I open the door with my rusty iron key, stepping into the entrance. I can hear Jackson talking in the drawing room, so I peek around the door, my shiny brown boots squeaking on the wood floor. He is sitting in his armchair in lordly fashion, inhaling deeply from his pipe. He nods at me to approach him and gestures for Archie, the boy he was talking to, to leave him and retire to bed. He does so, turning round and walking out in one swift move.

I look around at the once tastefully decorated drawing room of a rich family - my family. Jackson killed most of them, but spared my life when I swore loyalty to him. No one would dare enter here these days, especially with the stupid rumors of the Redstone ghosts roaming the place. I'm one of them. They don't suspect Poor little Natalie Redstone, who died age twelve, to be part of the biggest mass murder in London five years later. There's even a grave for me at the cemetery, next to mother and father.

Anyway, I step towards Jackson, my black hair masking most of my features. "Well?" he asks expectantly. "Is the deed done? "

"You could say that," I reply smartly. "He's dead, that's for sure."

Jackson looks shocked. "Oh, lordy, Redstone." He sighs, his head in his hands. "I told you, Jack the Ripper takes FEMALE victims, harassing and killing them."

I'm outraged. How dare he. How very well DARE he. Does he have ANY idea how long I was standing in the rain soaked to my skins, waiting for some drunkard to walk out? And this is how he repays me! "It's not my fault women have sense enough to stay indoors at such hours," I mutter.

Not quietly enough.

"I heard that Missy!" Jackson shouts. "And you can hardly talk!"

I storm upstairs, to the room I share with Archie, Darren and Laura, three more Rippers. I notice that they're already back, so I suppose I was last in of everyone tonight. Settling myself under the sheet, I close my eyes and drift off in seconds.

I'll just have to hope Jackson's temper calms down by morning.

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