The Rippers

My entry for the Music, Movies, Movellas competition. Based on Victorian Vigilante - Abney Park. Everyone has Heard of Jack the Ripper - correct? But not everyone knows that he didn't exist. His legacy, however, is very real. A group of street children that call themselves "The Rippers" commit these terrible deeds, each disguised as the notorious criminal.But when their boss is murdered, the finger is pointed at a number of Rippers. Including Natalie Redstone, a loyal Ripper for three years. Can she clear her name and leave her wretched life behind?


5. Murder

My eyes snap open at the sight of Lizzie's freckled face, my shoulders jumping up and down at her pull. "Nat!" she shouts. "Get up! You have to come and see!" She looks pale and worried, her tone of voice oozing with fear, dripping with worry.

"For Heaven's sake, Lizzie!" I groan irritably. I look up and see Darren and Archie looking equally tired, obviously annoyed at being deserved from their slumber, as am I. "What is it?" 

"He's dead!" she cries in horror. I'm confused now. Who's dead? Whoever it is, this is important. I pull back my thin bed sheet, yank on my black work boots, and before Lizzie has time to ask where I'm going, I've made my way down the dusty old corridors, for once not stopping to comment on the peeling wallpaper and climbing black mold, calling it a disgrace to the Redstones. My feet crash down the old stairs, then come to an abrupt stop at the bottom. My heart struggles to keep up its regular pace. My mind whirs and spins, and before I know it I am lying on the floor, next to a dead man.

Jackson is dead.

My mind struggles to register the situation, as a crowd of children cluster over me, who I later recognize as Rippers. They are all muttering to themselves, asking if I'm okay, wondering who could have done such a thing to Jackson. 

Finally, I stand up at last and declare: "Does anyone know what could have happened here or saw anything?" I attempt a confident smile, but my voice cracks halfway through, silencing the crowd.

After more mutters and mumbles, one voice stands out from the crowd, and an accusing finger is directed right at my face. "I'l wager it was you, Nat." comes a voice from the hushed crowd. "Getting revenge on Jackson for murdering ya parents."

I wish the ground would swallow me up. My heart  thuds like a drum and my mind won't stop spinning with initial shock. Everyone immediately begins gossiping about me, and I watch them as the world goes black.

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