When the Sun Took Over

This is the second book to Wind Kill the Rain which I mentioned in my blog.

Molly has survived, but only just. She needs to find Carl, but how can she when her punishment is the only thing stopping her. Henna is after her again and she needs to escape. Everyone she loves will die if she is alive any longer than Henna will let her and she needs to warn them. As Molly battles to save everyone she loves, she will uncover a secret which solves the mystery to her murder on Earth.


3. Chapter Two

"When is she going to wake up?"

"Yeah! When is she?"

"Come on, she's got to wake up soon! We've been waiting for at least five whole hours!"

"Everyone, calm down."

"Why should we?"

"What happened to her?"

"She was stunned."

"By what?"

"I doesn't matter."

"Okay, so when is she going to wake up?"

"Yeah! Answer the question already!"

"Well, our technology predicts around about now..."


  I bat my eyelashes a few times, waiting for my vision to slowly fade into focus. Without moving, I flick my eyes in different directions, confused by the many faces peering down at me.

"She's awake!" a loud, excitable voice screeched.

  I tried desperately to move but not one part of my body responded to it's order. My eyebrows immediately furrow. More voices join in with the yelling and shouting until one particularly familiar voice interrupts their banter. 

"Everyone, calm down and move away."

  I felt my whole body wash over with relief and happiness. Carl! He's right here! All that running for nothing when he was in front of my eyes the whole time! Wait, no he wasn't. I move my fingers, expecting them to brush against the rough, pink rock of Heaven's ground, however, that is not what I felt. The ground was smooth, completely flat and cold, like tile. I suddenly bolted upright. I stared, bewildered at my surroundings.

"Molly." Carl breathed, silently making his way towards me. 

  My chest started beating ten times faster and I felt the first tear spring from my eye. It trickled down my cheek and dripped off of the end of my chin. 


  I bounced to my feet and ran into his arms, pouring tears of joy onto his shoulder. He held me arms length away from him and fiercely stared into my eyes.

"Carl?" I say, unsure of his expression.

  He just simply pulled me into another hug, but this time, it felt forced. The hug wasn't the usual soft, gentle hugs that he gave, it was hard and rough, like he didn't want me to be in the same room, like he hated me...

"Are you okay?" he questioned, lowering the tone and pace of his voice. 

"I guess I'm alright, I mean, I'm still alive." 

  A few chuckles echoed from the back of the room which made me realize how weak and confused that sounded. Carl gently slipped his hand into mine and took a step closer to me. I leaned back a little but he raised his other hand to my cheek, bringing me forward so that our faces were almost touching. 

"I love you" he whispered.

  I was left with no time to reply. Our lips were already pressed together in an unexpected kiss. I moved closer to him and lifted my hand up and into his hair, pushing it off of his face as the kiss gradually became more passionate. My heart began to flutter. This is all I have ever wanted. 

  After a few more seconds, Carl pulled away from our joined lips and shook my hand from his face.

"What's wrong?" I finally ask.

"Nothing." Carl blankly replied, taking my other hand in his.

  I look up and gaze into his gorgeous, golden eyes.... Wait, his eyes weren't gold. They were a striking blood red, full of colour but drained liveliness. 

"C-Carl? You, you're eyes!" I stutter.

"They're beautiful, aren't they." He grinned deviously.

"They, they're not gold!" I exclaimed in horror.

"Well, I changed since the last time I saw you." He replied, speaking with complete simplicity.

"This! Why? You can't be!" I screamed.

  I was soon silenced with another one of Carl's enchanting kisses. The warmth in his lips soothed me and Carl was quick to realize the effect. He pulled away, watching as I reunited our hands back together. Carl leaned forward towards my left ear.

"Join us." He whispered. 

  His voice tickled my ear and I closed my eyes and smiled. I could tell he was smiling too. 

"For me." He whispered in my other ear.

"Of course." I breathed, still smiling beneath my words.

  Carl held me close, keeping our hands joined. I could hear quiet discussion rising from the back of the room as Carl and I began to gaze deeply into each other's eyes. I only then realized that Carl's new eyes were truly stunning. They glowed beautifully, giving off a feeling off warmth. Like fire. I continued to gaze and as each second passed, a burning sensation began to rise in the back of my eye. It was raging, tearing through my eye, focused on it's target. My golden iris.

"No." I suddenly say, taking a step back, breaking off Carl's gaze. 

"What's wrong, babe?" he asked softly.

"I am not your babe and I never will be." I stated, shrugging my hands away from his grasp.

"Why?" he questioned again, but this time, I could feel the anger growing inside of his voice.

"I will never join you." I hissed, still keeping my head turned away from his.

"Why not!" He shouted, and this time, it was clearly not a question but an outbreak of rage.

"You're a monster for crying out loud! A brutal, cruel monster!" I scream. 

  I am still not aware of my current surroundings,  but right now, that doesn't matter one bit. My only aim is to get out of here before someone can stop me. All under one second, I spot a door not far from me and dash towards it. I throw it open as soon as it is within reach and dash through it. As I sprint through dark corridors and empty rooms, I hear crowds of hard metal studs hit the tile behind me. All I need to focus on is finding an exit to this place, if one even exists. I continue running, never letting my body take a quick break. After about half a minute, I enter a huge, well lit, hall. Thousands of seats line the walls and build into long rows surrounding a large stage that sits directly in the center. I decide this is the devil's main meeting place. I begin to leap over the rows, keeping to the same speed and in no time at all, I reach the stage. I jump up onto the stage and as soon as my feet hit the floor, an unexpected,  blinding light beams down on me. The light was obviously too impatient to wait for me to say something because within a few seconds, it automatically switches off along with all of the other lights. 

  I'm surrounded by complete darkness. This is the perfect time for something to go wrong. I take a few steps back and...

 I suddenly hit something hard and I gasp. I can feel the object moving, breathing perhaps. I close my eyes, waiting for them to end me. Then the spotlight switches on.



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