When the Sun Took Over

This is the second book to Wind Kill the Rain which I mentioned in my blog.

Molly has survived, but only just. She needs to find Carl, but how can she when her punishment is the only thing stopping her. Henna is after her again and she needs to escape. Everyone she loves will die if she is alive any longer than Henna will let her and she needs to warn them. As Molly battles to save everyone she loves, she will uncover a secret which solves the mystery to her murder on Earth.


2. Chapter One

  After a few seconds, the footsteps of sharp, metal studs descended deeper into my cottage, their volume lowering. I was alone again, but this time the door is open. The door is grinning slyly at me, inviting me into the open, tempting me to expose myself to the morning guards. Or it could just be my imagination. 

  Yelling of frustration raged through the cottage, the sound bouncing off of every wall. The footsteps grew louder and louder, quicker and quicker. My left hand grabbed hold of the metal door knob and I staggered to my feet. I threw the door behind me, the collapsing of furniture and shouts of determination and shock rang in my ears as I sprint away from the place I used to call home.


  My heart pounds louder than the beat of live rock music in my ears, my breathing at an uneven, alarming pace. I can't stop. I escaped for something, someone actually. It's my aim to find them, embrace them in my arms for as long as I can before we are separated once again. Suddenly, he appears in front of me, smiling the same half smile he captures in every photo. His eyes illuminate in front of mine, beating down light and heat onto my face. He's saying something! But I can't hear him. I lean closer in need for the encouraging tone in his voice. It's not there.

"What?!" I exclaim.

  I wait a few more seconds for an answer but soon remember that time is precious and is not to be wasted. I shrug away the imaginary vision and continue running. The further I travel, the hotter and more dangerous the sun gets with every ray of light casting across my arms and face. I pause and look up at the sun. I expect the sight to damage me, blind me from the world I fight to survive in, but it doesn't. It's relaxes, calmly glowing gold. Hope. 

"As long as there's light there is hope" My mum's voice echoes and repeats in my ear.

I quickly wipe away the beads of sweat trickling from my forehead with the back of my hand and carry on running, yet again. 

  I glance up at the sun again and this time, it dominates me. The golden light shines directly through my eye. I think of the very first memory I made in Heaven, Carl slowly gliding across nothing, welcoming me to what seemed to be a peaceful community. He's back! I pick up pace and start to sprint towards the light. The memory flashed in my mind, leaving me dazed and lost in the possibly that I might manage to catch my last glimpse of him. 

  I look up again. The sun suddenly bursts, spitting flames that lick at the pastel blue sky. Fire erupts from above and bombs down, just a few meters behind me. Fear and determination combine and I use all of my energy and power to propel myself forward in a breathless sprint. The heat, fire and light snigger and jumble into formation. A huge, towering,figure stomps from far away, approaching me. I turn back and start to run back to where I came from. More flaming debris falls and begins a fire that even a devil would be unable to defeat. Confusion and frustration muddle in my brain and I begin to run in directions that one could not describe. The world spins from side to side and my vision shakes, leaving me dizzy. It seems like Heaven is spinning one hundred times faster in all of it's dimensions than usual. The circle repeats over and over, changing directions at the most unexpected moments. I stumble from my balance and tumble to the ground. My head is the first part of my body to hit the pink rock and a warm, unpleasant feeling revisits my head. I close my eyes, empty of hope. I know what's going to happen next, and I bet you do too.

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