When the Sun Took Over

This is the second book to Wind Kill the Rain which I mentioned in my blog.

Molly has survived, but only just. She needs to find Carl, but how can she when her punishment is the only thing stopping her. Henna is after her again and she needs to escape. Everyone she loves will die if she is alive any longer than Henna will let her and she needs to warn them. As Molly battles to save everyone she loves, she will uncover a secret which solves the mystery to her murder on Earth.


1. Prologue


  I sit next to the metal front door, wishing that one day, it would unlock. This is my punishment. I am trapped in my newly decorated cottage in Heaven. I should be dead by now. I’ve done enough to put the angel race to shame. I started the war that ended in one of our leader’s death. That leader’s death was Queen Jemima’s. She was powerful and honest, like every leader should be. Now there is no such thing as honest.


  I rest my hand below the door knob, feeling the coldness beneath my hand. A small tear drops onto my arm. The only reason that I want this door to open is so that I can see Carl before I die. Only, there is no possible way of killing myself in this house. All objects that I could choke myself on have been removed, all sharp objects have been destroyed, I am fed on a clear liquid which I  don’t know the name of and the bath is programmed to only go up to a certain amount of water.


  My hand drops from its position on the door and falls to rest in my lap. I crawl from the corner to the door mat. Now I’m in front of the door, I press my ear up to the freezing metal. I can hear the sound of faint footsteps. I look up at the door hopefully. I don’t blink or move, just wait.


  The door unlocks quickly and flies open. I am thrown into the cabinet on the other side of the door. A warm sensation oozes from my head. I lift my hand into my hair and let my fingers search. I take my hand down. It is a powerful bright red.

“Where is she! Find her! Bring her to me!” shouts a familiar voice.

And that’s when I know that I’m in trouble.

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