The Unit


4. Chapter 4 Alex



When I walk in, Carrie is walking around the room, checking her exits and escape routes. We used to do tHat when. . .

I shake my head. I came here to show her round, not to reminisce things.

"Rachel sent me. She wanted to know if you wanted showing around?"

She smiled before she spoke. I missed that smile.

"Yeah, that would be lovely. Can I have a minute?"

"Seven and a half, three four. They're all the same. Can we go now? I'm hungry."

She stared at me in shock.

Damn, I was meant to be subtle.

I run a hand through my hair and try to shrug it off.

"Yeah...just...Ste...can we get food? Ill explain later."

"I suppose so." She sounds far away and there's a buzzing in my ears again. I shake my head as I walk out the door.


"To the left is the boys, the right the girls. There's 6 of us altogether. Well, here.  There is another organisation somewhere down south, like us. We go pretty much unnoticed, at school, when we go, were just ' The Care Kids' and no one really takes much attention to us. We aren't worth it to them." I smile, making sure I haven't lost her. She smiles reassuringly back. I missed her smiling. I wonder if she- it wouldn't be possible, would it? I try it.

"Wie alt bist du?"

"Ich bin 14 Jahre alt."

She looks shocked and afraid, her hand covering her mouth within seconds.

They didn't take her all then.

I hold out ny hand to lead her in to the food room.

She stands a half-step behind me, already trusting me to protect her. Not like I never have.

"Right guys, listen up! We've got a new kid. This is Carrie-" he better not say it!"-and she will be living with us from now on. Ermm. 14 0 0 6." Stephen smiles as he sat down.

"Enjoy yourself here, carrie."

As we sit down and all the formalities are passed over, I my head feels like exploding. I feel like I'm ill.

I put my head down on the table for a minute.


I open my eyes slowly. Wait, this isn't the food room.

"Alex, hoe you feeling? You passed out. You okay?" That's Rachel for you, lovely and kind.

"Mmhh." I sit up slowly. I'm in the green room, where the first aid and medi suplies are. "If everything is supposed to be spinning then , yeah, I'm fine." I smile, glad my words only have a hint of slurring.


The cup of water is in my hand before the question Is out of my lips. I smile, Rach knows me well.

The water is cool down my throat, giving me shivers but making me feel alive.


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