The Unit


3. Chapter 3 Carrie


I'm trapped in my mind. I can hear someone talking, someone’s fingers entwined with mine. The action seems strangely familliar, but I can barely remember my name. Sometimes I'll fight my way out of the blackness and try to wake up but it seems impossible.  The blackness stops suddenly and for a moment I miss it; the way it enclosed me, holding me like a tightly wrapped blanket. I open my eyes and sit up.  I'm in a room, an pale white room that stirs unwanted memories. I can feel my throat tightening, my breathing quicken. I shut my eyes in an instant, drawing my knees up to my chest. "Carrie? Carrie, its okay," a reassuring hand rubs my back. I don't recognise his voice but he sounds like a hospital worker. The nauseous feeling subsides and I open my eyes.  The room, once empty, feels like it has suddenly filled with people. Two adults are by the bed, the man who spoke to me still has his hand on my back. A boy, about my age, is standing in the doorway, his features hidden. The sun highlights his pale skin and black hair but shadows his face. "Carrie?" The woman speaks now, her voice gentle but concerned.  "Who are you? What the hell am I doing here?" "Carrie, shh. Do you not remember?" A worried nod from Carrie "Rach, that drug must have been too strong. They aren't allowed to do that!" The boy from the doorway is strangely familiar but his voice is disgusted.  "What do you mean? Which drug? "Carrie. You are-were- a part in an experiment trying to see how the world could be repopulated by new species. The Unit was in charge of this, stealing their subjects minutes after they were born and infecting them with different blood. You, Carrie are a special type, both lupine- wolf- and avian- bird- blood. This means that you can shift to be a bird or a wolf.  "We have been watching you for a while and you have shown certain characteristics of this. That's why we rescued you" The man stood up, turning to walk away.  "I'm Allan, that's Rachel. Just shout if you need anything. 10 minutes till lunch." They left me alone in the room once again, so I decided to map out my surroundings: the door, seven and a half steps from the bed, the window, and three steps from the bed and four from the door. I knew, somewhere deep down, I used to do this, but then I wasn't alone. A sharp rap on the door woke me from my revive, making me lose the trail of my memories which were so hard to find anyway. "C? Can I come in?"  "Mmm?" The door opened slightly and the boy from the doorway walked in.  
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