The Unit


2. Chapter 2 Alex



Carrie won't wake up. We've been in the car for about 2 hours now. She just won't wake up! Sometimes she'll stir, her eyes open and she'll stare for a second before her eyes close again. My fingers are laced around hers, my thumb rubbing her hand. I brush a stray piece of hair away from her face.

She still looks so pretty, even like this, with scratches on her face and a bruise blossoming on her pale chest. We're nearing the ESC now, cleverly named the Escape. I've been here for about 2 years, rescued from the same fate as Carrie. I lean over and whisper in her ear. 

"Come on, wake up. I need you."Nobody else can hear me, just Carrie. The only person I want to be able to speak to right now. But can't. Why is life so unfair like this?!  The van shudders to a halt; we could really use a new van, but we can't afford one-or draw attention to ouselves. By ourselves, I mean the 'Escapees'. Another clever name. I roll my eyes.I didn't make them up, I promise! 

The doors slide open to reveal Allan standing there, looking concerned about Carrie. Like me.

  "No change?" Allans voice was soft, whispering quietly 

"She hasn't moved. Will she be okay?"

  Allan shook his head as he lifted her fragile body up from the strecher. 

"I don't know Alex, I'm sorry."Allan turned away. I noticed the way her head didn't hang as limply as before. 

"Alla-" I started to point it out.  

"Let's just get inside Alex."  The doors opened comfortingly, welcoming us home. Or to what I call home. Me and a few other... Special... kids.  Exhaustion hit me like a wave and I collapsed weakly into the chair in the corner. 

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