The Unit


1. Chapter 1


The Unit was silent, not a whisper broke through the air. The door hissed shut menacingly, as if sealing contact from the real world.

"Don't let them take me in there. Please Gavin, don't let them! I don't want to!"The girl stood with her back to The Unit. She faced Gavin who was standing opposite her, his hands on her shoulders.Three men in black suits marched out towards the pair. The one in front had the authority, carrying a briefcase.

"That's long enough. Time to take you in." There was a moments silence where nobody moved. The man reached out towards her, meaning to grab her shoulder. The girl dived to the left, running off down the roads towards the woods, her anxious footfalls coughing up dust. Her arms were suddenly jolted behind her, her head snapped back.

"No girl. You're coming with us." One of the men had caught her with ease and was leading her back.

"I'm not! No! Get off! Going! Stop! I don't want to!" She was bucking and twisting, trying to break free of the man.

"Ari." The man spoke louder, over her screaming, to the man who carried the briefcase and the authority.

He nodded and pulled out a small syringe. The needle was inserted smoothly into her neck. Slowly everything started to turn black.

"Alex! No, don't-what about the-" Ari's hand clasped around her mouth, stopping her screams.

"Five seconds."


"Who's Al-"

She blinked, standing still, trying to clear the black haze smothering her. She could feel the air catching in her throat, her head spinning. her knees sagged beneath her and Ari's hand shot and and caught her by the wrist.

"Carrie's ours."

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