Sweet Solitude

A poem about summer. Well, kind of. It's actually for the people who dislike summer.


1. Sweet solitude


This summer is a summer of soft, slow songs and striking beauties.

Gracing our lives with their ever presence. 

Cameras ever flashing, speakers ever smashing.

I sit alone pretending that it is still winter.

Justifying my hibernation within the cocoon that I call home. 

Sweet solitude. I like this better.

Do I not? What use is it standing out? 

To be a circle among squares is unwise. 

If I had my way it would be forever spring. 

Green, leafy spring, subtle and pastel coloured. 

Nothing unsightly about it. I'm afraid of the eyes of summer.

Scared or the staring, in fear of standing out.

If only I could take a moment. 

Collect my thoughts in a jar and then throw them into the sea.

But instead I am inside. Sightless. 

Silence is screaming at me, louder than any song ever could. 

Solitude is sweeter...

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