Red Rose

****just a side note****
Kiorn is pronounced 'c-eye-r-en '
Lirek- the 'r' is slightly rolled(bit like s.wesh accent!)
Tegh - pronounced tay-ah
Aoren- pronounced aay-oh -ren


5. Chapter 5




The ride was silent, neither Storm nor Lirek wanting to stir conversation. A few times Erëac stirred and asked for food or a sip of water, but he wouldn't wake fully from his fevered sleep. His hair, once a mop of feathers was now a nest of twigs; his pale face now a sickly grey shade and gleaming with cold sweat, his eyes sunken into his face.  The trees started to get few and far between, the grass beginning to show through the rocks. They were galloping to what Lirek called home and a place Storm would soon begin to hate. "Lirek! Er- what's happened?" Another horseman met them on the rocky path, his face hauntingly similar to Lirek's. "Aoren! Thank Saia! Its a long story but I sure am glad to have met you. Kiorn, well, Kyi attacked Erëac and he must have been prepared. His blade was poisoned." They were still riding the worn path, but Storm could no longer see where she was going. This frightened her. She looked behind herself, wondering if she could turn and run for it, leaving her horse and Erëac here, where - surely -  they would be safe.  "Aoren, go behind Storm would you? Can't have her darting off." He smiled but there was tension in his voice, he wanted to get back soon and he wasn't sure Erëac was going to make it. Aoren spoke up. "Lirek, take Erëac and Ill sort this one out. Here, gently, gently. There we go. Go on. And be quick. Please." His last word was barely a whisper, snatched cruelly by the wind and hidden beneath the chatter of the trees.  " Will he be okay?" Her voice was timid, she didn't know him and she was worried that he might attack her.  "I sure hope so." Silence "follow me." They galloped off, down a path Storm would not have noticed at a glance, towards the stables. "Tegh!" Can you sort the horses please? I need to take her to Darius." The tubby elf nodded almost immediately, and a peaking face smiled out from behind his shoulder. "You helping Reo?" The face nodded like his father, eager to please. " Be. A good boy then" he smiled as he turned to Storm. "I need you to dismount and not run away. I won't hurt you, I promise." Storm looked dubious and Adders ears flickered but she swung herself over and off the saddle, glad of Lirek to have brought riding leathers for her. Reluctantly, she handed the reins over to Reo and padded over to Aoren, her head low. He placed one hand on the small of her back and steered her towards the castle. She gulped.

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