Red Rose

****just a side note****
Kiorn is pronounced 'c-eye-r-en '
Lirek- the 'r' is slightly rolled(bit like s.wesh accent!)
Tegh - pronounced tay-ah
Aoren- pronounced aay-oh -ren


4. Chapter 4


"Just keep breathing." Lirek was at Erëac's shoulder, healing his wounds.

"What else am I going to do?" Erëac replied trying to lighten the tension."We'd better be getting back. Where's Kiorn?"

"Jareg took him back to Darius but I said I'd rather you were concious before we rode back. Your horse is ready if you want to leave."

Erëac stood up slowly, his head spinning.

"Wow, that hurts." He flexed his fingers, pleased to find that they still worked."And the girl?"

"Just behind the tree, I gave her some of my food, now she seems pretty content. Her head is healed, no damage there. Was asleep last time I saw her."Lirek smiled again.

"Help me up?"Erëac stuck his hand out and into Lirek's, pulling himself up.

Erëac walked over to where the girl was slowly nibbling on some of Lirek's bread. Sensing Erëac, she hid the bread behind her back, head bowed as if in preparation for a beating.

"It's ok, I'm not going to hurt you, I promise."He smiled" I think we got off to a bad start, let's try again, what is your name?"The girl sat silently, not daring to speak.Lirek nodded, encoraging her.

"I don't have a proper name, sir."

"Its not 'sir', I'm Erëac and this is Lirek."

"He's the nice one, he gave me some food. His food."Erëac nodded"but I don't have a name."

Lirek sneaked a glance at Erëac's face but said nothing.Erëac stood silently, biting his lip in thought. He looked up to the sky where storm clouds were starting to form. He walked forward and placed his fingers under her chin, lifting her head up into the fading sunlight.

"Storm. We'll call you Storm untill you get a proper name." He smiled at her "lirek, we'd better be going, there's rain on the way, hopefully we can outrun it."

Three horses stood the other side of the clearing, tethered on a large fallen tree. The black Stallion stood away from the others, his eyes rolling nervously.

Erëac pulled a questioning glance at Lirek.

"What? We couldn't travel on two horses, could we? It would have been uncomfortable!"

"How much? You know Darius sai-"

"I don't care what he said and anyway, I bought it. Own money" he flashed a rare smile "come on then, Storm, he's all yours. To keep"

"M-mine?"Storm looked shocked, afraid to move

"Yup, all yours, a bit nervous, just like you but yours." He smiled again."Go on, say hello."

Storm slowly walked towards him. Hearing footsteps beside him, he turned to look, teeth barred to bite. Storm reached her hand out and touched his nose. Gathering confidence, she stroked his neck, oblivious to the conversation behind her. Leaning down, she unteathered him, leading him away from the others.

"Come on!" She smiled as she ran around him, laughing when he followed.

"Look at them, she's been badly treated, I'd say." Lirek looked at Erëac."You do know her, somehow, but I'm not going to say anything. Just one thing-do you trust her?"

"What do you mean? Trust her?"

"Trust that she's not going to kill us all, become like Darius." Lirek was serious.

"I hope not."

Storm stood a way off, stroking her stallions head. She leaned forward, forehead to forehead. In an instant, she had jumped over and onto his back. Storm laughed as he started prancing around, as if he was royalty. Trotting over to where Lirek was standing, Storm jumped down. Lirek reached forward, stroking the horse's nose.

"Do you know what to call him?"

"I can name him? I'm allowed to name him? But-"

"Your horse, given by the king."Lirek nodded."He is yours to name."

Storm looked taken aback.

"NightAdder. He looks like a NightAdder. Adder, for short." Adder looked Impressed with his name; his head was held high, tail was still.

"Con you ride, storm?" Lirek asked, preparing a saddlebag for the journey back.

Storm nodded vigorously, her brown hair falling across her face.

"Lirek?" Erëac's voice was weak again, his face paling.

Lirek turned around to see his eyes lose focus as he started to slump to the ground.

"Siret!"Storm shouted, the urgency clear in her voice. Erëac lay suspended in the air as Lirek darted forward to catch him, lying him gracefully on the ground.

"Erëac? Come on, wake up!" Lirek slapped Erëac hard across his face, leaving a red mark but no sign of life. Storm hesitantly padded over to where they were, looking cautiously at Erëac.

"Liashnel jyon." Storm's hand rested gently on Erëac's pale and clammy face. Her eyes glazed, breathing shallow. She jerked back suddenly, retreating behind Adder.

Erëac's eyes fluttered before opening fully, his eyes unfocused and hazed.

"We need to get him on his horse, Storm. It's the only chance we've got."

She hesitated again, unsure.

"He'd be better off on my horse, he won't fall off." Her voice was quiet, thoughtful. "I can ride, don't worry."

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