Red Rose

****just a side note****
Kiorn is pronounced 'c-eye-r-en '
Lirek- the 'r' is slightly rolled(bit like s.wesh accent!)
Tegh - pronounced tay-ah
Aoren- pronounced aay-oh -ren


3. Chapter 3


The light was blinding, so white it hurt. Slowly and painfully, he sat up, his head spinning. Figures were standing around him, but he couldn't hear them. Didn't know who they even were. He blinked. He didn't even know who he was. 

"Erëac? You ok?" That voice, he recognised it, didn't he?" 

He curled into a ball, the pain unbearable, crying out. His breathing laboured. That was it, he was Erëac. He was Erëac and in pain. 


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