Red Rose

****just a side note****
Kiorn is pronounced 'c-eye-r-en '
Lirek- the 'r' is slightly rolled(bit like s.wesh accent!)
Tegh - pronounced tay-ah
Aoren- pronounced aay-oh -ren


2. Chapter 1


A girl was kneeling by the edge of the creek, collecting water, when the soldiers came. They galloped through the village, knocking down whatever was in their way. All of their faces were alive with the twisted pleasure of destruction.except for one. He had fair blonde hair, and green, caring eyes. Unlike the other soldiers, he had no scars on his pale face, yet he looked more dangerous than the rest. As they passed through each village, he would sneak a small bag of coins into the hands of the town's leader. 

The girl dipped her bucket into the water,  seemingly unaware of the danger she was in. The water started to ripple and she jumped up, the hoofbeats getting clearer, echoing around her. She backed away into the trees surrounding the creek. 

"There! In the trees! That's her!"The shout came from the leader of the horsemen, Kiorn. 

The girl picked up her pace, her dress billowing out behind her, snagging on tree branches as she sprinted through the trees. She glanced behind her and her foot caught a root, flinging her onto the ground, wasting precious time. She tried to get to her feet, but her ankle could bear no weight. The hoofbeats were getting closer, surrounding her completely. A strangled cry came from her lips as she tried, once more, to get to her feet. She turned her head up, her eyes looking straight down the arrow shaft aimed at her heart. 

"Erëac, check this one."Kiorn spat "and hurry up, or she dies anyway." 

"You wouldn't dare."Erëac spat back with as much hate as Kiorn as he closed his eyes in concentration. 

"Stop it! It hurts! Make it stop!"She cried, writhing on the floor."Please" her voice broke on the last word and Erëac faltered. Then stopped. 

"That's her."He said his voice numb 

Kiorn jumped from his horse, landing with barely a noise and sauntered towards the girl who was now lying curled in a ball, shaking violently. 

"Get up." Kiorn wasted no time with greetings, normally, if he had his way they were dead before then. 

"I. I recognise yo-" Kiorn slapped her across the face, silencing her.  

"You recognise her then Erëac? She seemed pretty sure."  

Erëac laughed, "Never seen her before, she has just hit her head, she's probably just delusional."Kiorn bent down ,missing Erëac's worried face, but jumped back with a yelp. 

"Stupid mongrel! She bit me!" He held his bleeding hand out. 

"Don't blame 'er really, you did slap 'er. Canny 'ard by the look of it" Jareg, also one of Darius' soldiers, spoke up."I reckon she needs 'elp for 'er 'ead, lot ah blood there. Mirty 'ere doesn't like blood." He gestured to his horse. 

"Jareg, if you don't want to watch, prepare Erëac's horse for her."Kiorn's voice was losing it's patient charm, as soon as he could he would, he paused for the word, dispose of Jareg, he was useless anyway. 

Erëac knelt down beside her, his slender fingers clasping around her thin wrist. Breakable. He pulled her to her feet, she twisted and writhed, trying to get away from him, afraid of what he would do next. 

"Lirek! Help please! She won't stay still!" 

Lirek, tall and blonde haired, sauntered forwards and lifted the girl off the ground. Startled by his brute strength, she stopped struggling and looked meekly at him,eyes wide, then fearfully at Kiorn. 

"Get a move on! We haven't got all day!" Kiorn barked at no-one in particular. 

"Daruis said to bring her back alive AND unharmed, I will take as long as it takes her to stop struggling and being a danger to herself." Erëac countered Kiorn who pretended to look uninterestedly at his scarred fingers. 

"Now, you don't do anything wrong and I won't have to  hurt you." 


Erëac's head spun round violently to face Kiorn.  

"Its true. At every village. The coins in their hands, the pitying glances. Iccle Erëac feeling sorry?" Erëac made sure that the girl was safe in Lirek's arms before storming over to Kiorn. 

"Don't even start." He spat in Kiorn's hard face. 

"Or what? Baby going to throw a tantrum?"  

"Lirek, put her on my horse. I'm leaving now. Jareg follow me please." Erëac spun on his heel, leaving Kiorn to stare at his unprotected back. 

Kiorn lunged with his knife drawn, his blue eyes as cold as ice, his almost bleach white hair flowing like a mane around his head. Erëac turned slowly, Kiorns blade catching him on the shoulder, causing his perfect face to twist in agony as he screamed out in pain.  

"Not so tough now, eh, are you?" Kiorn had backed away and was panting, readying himself for the next attack. Erëac charged forward, his right arm bleeding badly, driving Kiorn back. 

As Erëac expected, Kiorn ran into the tree, his back pressed up into the bark. 

Swords clashed and sparked, but it seemed Erëac was weakening, his arm drawing life as well as blood from his arm. He blinked, as if to erase the black spots by doing so. He stumbled and Kiorn saw his chance, lifting his blade high to attack. 

He drove his empty hands down. His blade in Jaregs grip. Kiorn turned around, his eyes wide. 

'Kitue' Erëac mumbled as he fell to the floor, his eyes rolled up in his head.


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