Red Rose

****just a side note****
Kiorn is pronounced 'c-eye-r-en '
Lirek- the 'r' is slightly rolled(bit like s.wesh accent!)
Tegh - pronounced tay-ah
Aoren- pronounced aay-oh -ren


1. Prologue


The wind whipped her hair around her face, her cheeks were flushed. This she was used to, this she could do - should do. She hadn't liked being stuck in that cell. The darkness had surrounded her, tortured her, scorned her. She stood up in her saddle and gave a howl, a long, joyful howl. Her brother laughed as he caught up to her, pushing his dragon on, faster than her. She turned in her saddle, a shout on her lips. An arrow shot her from behind, tipping her over and off the saddle. Her back was arched in a smooth curl, her hair swirling around her face. The birds stopped singing. The arrow passed straight through her, apparently unhindered by her body.

'Storm!' The boy’s voice was loud, now, in comparison to the silence. Her limp body hit the ground with a thud, her neck cracking sickly as it did so. The birds started up their song again, faster, more urgent. Come quick, they called, help her.

She didn't move and although the wolves circled her, they didn't touch her. At least not until a black wolf, darker than shadows, lay beside her. Feeling her life soul fading, he snuggled closer, as if he could hold it in. Erëac tore through the bracken, trying to get to his sister. On the way, he stopped the pack of wolves, calling in the old language

''Anask alont-oitar''---get help-now

He knelt by her head, her black hair matted with blood. The arrow, now still, lay by her side. Her wound was black, a sure sign of poison. Her crimson blood, spreading like wildfire, was staining her white shirt with a rose. A blood rose.

Help came blundering uphill, shouting out curses as they came.

''Arioan' 'Erëac whispered venerately'' you came!''

She knelt down by Storms side, one hand in the soil overturned by her falling and the other on Storms chest.

'Eskaeran asiealt alont thol''

The black wolf that had being lying next to Storm started to slink off, but Erëac followed him. The wolf, seemingly distraught, didn't look behind him, something that would kill him on a normal day. He stopped by the creek, his tail between his legs, ears low.

''Thank you, Aoren, you tried. That's as much as I can say, no-one knows yet, though, it’s just me and Storm.''

Aoren looked mournfully at Erëac, his eyes almost pleading.

''I can't do it, you know that, I promised Treion that I wouldn't, and you know that''


When Storm awoke, she was lying in one of the Healer's houses, Erëac by her side

'Uurgh'' she groaned as she sat up ''Owww''

''Storm? Are you okay? Can you hear me?''

Storm gave a small laugh, a fake smile painted on her pain torn face.

''I'm fine," Erëac gave her a questioning look" really. I- Aoren! You came!" She smiled again, her face lightening up as she saw him walk in. Aoren was human now, not wolf, it was a gift that had been passed down through generations. He was tall, with blacker than midnight-death hair. He had pale white skin and startling, electric blue eyes. He walked with his head hung low, his shaggy hair covering his eyes and the new cut on his face.

"Aoren? What. What happened to you?'' Storm cried when he lifted his head. She jumped off the bed and stood up, and although swaying slightly at first, ran towards Aoren.

''Storm, you're okay" he mumbled into her hair. "You're fine." He smiled at Erëac, who was looking almost tearful, but there was no malice between them, a simple happy gesture.

Storms knees gave out beneath her and Erëac ran forward to catch her, but Aoren had already caught her and laid her in his arms.

''Look, I'm fine. I'm ok-''

"Shhh." Erëac hushed her, his finger on her lips. "You look tired. “He glanced at Aoren “you both look tired. Storm, have a sleep here, I’ll go and sort Aoren out. Sh! I’ll be nice, don't worry.''

Storm nodded once, too tired to speak.

Whispering now, Erëac turned to Aoren'' come back to mine, I’ll get you cleaned up. Darius again?''

Aoren nodded wincing when he did. "Stupid fight, it was over something so stupid."

''You really should try to lie low, I mean, Darius doesn't know your secret-does he?''

Aoren shook his head'' No, but he's starting to suspect something. I'm keep sneaking out. I have to sneak out.''


Storm awoke with the sun, feeling better than she had before.

''Storm, listen to me, please.'' Erëac spoke from the corner of the room. ‘The king is looking for you. Not in a good way either. He wants you killed. You have two choices; I erase your memory from the last years or he finds you."

''Why me?"

"Long story, I promise I’ll tell you when you’re older."

''Just let him find me! I don't care!"

"But Stor-"

"No! I told you! I DON'T CARE” her voice rose louder as she grew angry.

"Fine' Erëac sighed “you win" he ran his hands through his fair hair, a worried look plain on his face. He turned and walked out the room, muttering quietly to himself. He turned suddenly and whispered a word. A single word. That was all it took, Storm's eyes rolled up into her head, as all her memories vanished from her reachable mind.


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