She's Just A Psychopath, So Why Bother?

Lucy wishes they'd just leave her alone....the others don't understand.
My competition.


2. The Others

She stares at us.  We stare at her.

Waiting.  She's obviously done some mental calculations and arrived at an answer she doesn't like, because her eyes darken.  She takes a step backwards, then another.

That's when the screaming begins,

"I hate you!  All of you!  Why can't you just LEAVE ME ALONE?  JUST LEAVE ME BE!  THAT'S ALL I WANT!  YOU MAKE MY LIFE A LIVING HELL, ALL OF YOU....!"

Her friend, Chloe, steps forwards, arms outstretched. "Whoa, hey, calm down, just calm-"

"Don't you fucking tell me to calm the fuck down!"

Chloe steps back, shocked.  But not before the girl's jacket makes contact with her head.  Then her P.E. back.  Then a half-eaten chocolate bar.  

I see an opportunity to have some fun.  Carefully leaning forwards, I pick up her jacket, and throw it back at her.

The war starts there.

Screaming, she never stops screaming, always throwing things and screaming, which makes us laugh, so we throw everything back at her again.  And again.  And again.

Miss Murray, the teacher that's meant to look after us at break so these things don't happen, stands outside and smokes a cigarette.

When it all dies down, I walk towards her.  Stand beside her.  Get all close up, like we're friends.  Ha.  As if.

All I say is, "Hey."

In return, I get a push which sends me flying.  The Psycho is gesturing to an invisible bubble around her.

"Private.  Space!

I decide to invade it. 

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