She was alone. Stranded on this island. She didn't know if she was the only human here, but this wolf was her only friend. Join Victoria has stranded on an island with only this wolf to keep her company. Follow her adventure through her diary which is found by her grand-daughter Isabella. What had happened nearly 50 years ago? What pain did she go through, what had she had to do to survive.


3. 29/07/1940

Dear Diary,

I am a wolf, bounding at top speed around this island. I jump. I fly. I land back at home with my family there and from then on we will live in peace and together. This is my only hope so far. This is also my recent dream that is constantly being replayed like a stuck record when I sleep. That I can fly far away from this dreadful place where there is no food, no company and no saneness at all. The wolf pack are taking longer than I have first predicted but there is one who is more curios towards me than the others. She (I think) is fully black with only 1 white hackle and a white band around her neck. If it weren't a mark on her fur it would have looked like a collar for a dog. I am going to call her Misty, she is quite young and I bet you when she gets to know me better that she will act just like one. I miss home so much, my daily routine is shattered and I have no hope on ever fixing it again. My heart longs for Billy-Joe to come back with replies from home. I am doing well for a back up plan for food. The fish is perfect for the harsh snow and bitter cold at night. There is plenty of fruit that is succulent and delicious. It will do for now. I am desperate to come home again and what I do hope is that it is soon. I also hope that my loving family know that I am safe and sort of well. I miss them so.

All my love

Victoria Hale/Toby Grate.

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