She was alone. Stranded on this island. She didn't know if she was the only human here, but this wolf was her only friend. Join Victoria has stranded on an island with only this wolf to keep her company. Follow her adventure through her diary which is found by her grand-daughter Isabella. What had happened nearly 50 years ago? What pain did she go through, what had she had to do to survive.


2. 26/07/1940

Dear diary,

I have landed. Not in the right way though. I have snuck in to the army and acted like a man, and it has all paid off. Ha the fools, they can't stop me. I have done this to fight against the enemy. The enemy which chooses against God and fights against his will. I have done this to prove that women are not the type to sit back and let others stand up only to get shot down again. I was planning to fight the Germans and make them see that we want this to never of happened and for the world to see that we want peace between the countries. I have already sent on a letter to tell them of my arrival and what my cause is to be going to their head-quarters. My language may have caused them some concern but I am almost positive that their reaction will not be too alarmed, I hope.   

Anyway that is not the point, I have crashed in the middle of the ocean and do not know where on earth I am. I think I may be near Svalbard but that suspicion is properly incorrect. It is a magical place though, there is plenty of wildlife. I have heard, not to far off my camp in fact, wolf howls! These are a pack of 4 soon to be 5 of which I hope. I am trying to be friend them so that I can find food easily. They have been close but it was close enough to take most of my food rations. Even thought they have done this I feel some sort of connection with them. Like my heart belongs with them. They could teach me all sorts of things, like which food is not to be eaten or how to hunt with the pack. I have gathered pieces of my plane for most of the day to make a make-shift shelter because the weather is very unpredictable and very cold. I am using the 5 blankets as a bed and for warmth. I have suffered minor scratches which is very lucky. The plane had broken my fall. I am lucky to survive this type of crash. Thank goodness I did. I am afraid most of all, this could be because I am alone but what I think it is, is that I miss my Edward and our daughter Maria. She is what is keeping me going so far, the memory of her beautiful face, her long blonde hair glossy in the summer sun. As I speak of her tears are drawn like they are metal to a magnet and they flood down my face. I have sent Billy-Joe, the famous carrier pigeon I have who is very lucky to me and I take whenever I fly, with an SOS message but I don't think that plan will work. What I have to do is push these horrible thoughts out of my head and drown them in the raging sea below the rocky crags. I just hope I get to see my family again.

All my love,

Victoria Hale/Toby Grate.


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