She was alone. Stranded on this island. She didn't know if she was the only human here, but this wolf was her only friend. Join Victoria has stranded on an island with only this wolf to keep her company. Follow her adventure through her diary which is found by her grand-daughter Isabella. What had happened nearly 50 years ago? What pain did she go through, what had she had to do to survive.


6. 09/08/1940

Dear Diary,

I am flying again. Free as the seagulls that live on the island. Suddenly I was falling, falling to the earth. My wings are singed and have crumbled in to dust. I woke up with a scream that night. This is all from a worrying note brought by a hawk, but it wasn't from home or the army. It was by the Germans:


We are coming for you. Your letter was too concerning for us to just pass by. We were willing to discuss this with you when you came here, but when you didn't show we did not want to let this pass by. Seen as you have left your word we feel that this should not go unpunished. Therefore, as we do with many of our traitors, we have all agreed that your life is now in borrowed time. We do not let the liars and traitors live a very long time after they have let us down. Please be expecting our arrival soon.

All I know now is that I am living on spared time. I have given Bill-Joe a message to my family about the Germans, but I do not think it will reach in time. In this last entry I leave my family my possessions and all my love till my dying second and forever more when I am gone. I love you all so much it an make me just scream with pain because I am just wanting to let  it out.

There fore I here by resign my duties from the British army and my duties on this island. I will wait for death to come like the man I am. I do not care what will happen, but I leave here love and notes to my family and also the army with a formal resignation letter. This trip has lead to nothing but pain, both good and bad.

All my love and forever more,

Victoria Hale/Toby Grate


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