She was alone. Stranded on this island. She didn't know if she was the only human here, but this wolf was her only friend. Join Victoria has stranded on an island with only this wolf to keep her company. Follow her adventure through her diary which is found by her grand-daughter Isabella. What had happened nearly 50 years ago? What pain did she go through, what had she had to do to survive.


5. 05/08/1940

Dear diary,

My love flies with the wind. It knows no bounds to what it can deliver. Misty flies with it, she is delivering the message to what has happened to me. She is my protector from harm, from the world, from myself. I have received confirmation from the British army that I will be rescued in ten days for me to go home. They have announced to my family that I am safe and surviving. They have found my loving Billy-Joe and are sending letters to me and they send tears to my eyes, take this one for example:

My dearest wife,

We miss you so. I have been actually crying secretly to myself to send me to sleep because you were my only love and I thought you were gone from me. The village sends its congratulations for surviving this long. Our Maria has learned to write seen as she is only 4! I love you so much that my heart could explode when you come home. I love you so.



This had broken my heart when Billy-Joe had brought it to me. I have had many others which I keep in my leather jacket pocket over my heart. They give me strength every day. The dreams are becoming less strange than what they first were. They are filled with my family and what we used to do before I joined the army. They are becoming so regular I feel that I am at home and away from this island. Not long now before they are.

All my love

Victoria Hale/Toby grate.

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