She was alone. Stranded on this island. She didn't know if she was the only human here, but this wolf was her only friend. Join Victoria has stranded on an island with only this wolf to keep her company. Follow her adventure through her diary which is found by her grand-daughter Isabella. What had happened nearly 50 years ago? What pain did she go through, what had she had to do to survive.


4. 01/08/1940

Dear diary,

The wolves are becoming less cautious now. They are still wary tough. I feel like a sore thumb, I stick out and no one can heal me. It hurts to be like this. Misty has stayed with her pack thank goodness, but she does visit me when she can and I always offer her food which she takes. She looks thin under all that fur but I suppose that I would look thin under all this leather and leaves. I am making tools from the local trees to provide better shelter, but it is not working out as well as I have hoped. I have ran out of string to combine the pieces of wood but I have made make shift pieces out of branches and plants. Fishing is boring and it is getting bland and boring to have every day. I have no spices or fruit juice that tastes good with it. Even Misty is starting to get bored of it on a night time. I have started to expand my searches for reliable materials. The wildlife has come alive the further I go in to the forest. The are birds I never knew existed. Birds with brightly coloured feathers in every shade of the rainbow and more! Some which have large feathers for longer flight travel, stream-like heads for darts of speed after their prey. There are even some which have wings so small they hum. These types stay around the lilly flowers or any other rich nectar flower. I love this little birds. When they go near on of these flowers they hover with they wings beating like a mouse's heartbeat, to fast to cope with. The wings, when going this fast, hum like a vibrator in the plane. It's annoying but nice at the same time. Of course that broke straight away when I hit the water, but I wish I had landed on land. It would of given me some warmth. Nothing I can do about it now. I feel that if I ever get off this island, which I will, I will bring Edward and Maria. This place is just too special to keep secret or to describe as dull and a death trap. God how I miss them. It does get lonely when Misty doesn't come. I have considered making models of the three of them but that would just show how mad and alone I have become. This place is growing on me but I would not choose to live here forever, it would just bring back harmful memories. 

All my love

Victoria Hale/Toby Grate


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