Rain Watching - 23/5/2011

Just random poems I've written; this will probably be added to over time - I think 'Rain Watching' is a good name for a book, and as I usually write poetry when it's raining (literally or metaphorically) it makes sense to me. Anyway, hope you enjoy these few words I have to say :3


3. Sestina form: BE STRONG FOR HIM – 21/6/2011

I like how we are together

My hand in yours, hearts entwined

I love how you play with my heart,

You love how I can’t stop smiling

As we look up into the star crossed night

This moment will be with us forever


We sit and whisper forever

It doesn’t matter as long as we’re together

The moon climbs high into the night

I can’t help sensing our fates are entwined

You look at me; bemused and smiling

And I feel the train pass through my heart


I often wonder about your heart

Does it ever stop for what feels like forever?

Am I remembered and leave you smiling?

Do you ever feel sparks when we’re together?

And when apart are tears and loneliness entwined

And am I your last thought at night?


You visit my dreams at night

I often wake with a racing heart

Anticipation shivers me until we are re-entwined

The hollow feeling when we’re apart scars forever

But we escape to our world when we’re together

Kissing in the rain, drowned but smiling


We talk on the phone and I can hear you smiling

I send a wish out to the night

That there will be more time spent together

Because I’m prepared to settle forever

With passion and contempt entwined


Maybe we can become love and time entwined

Although it may seem like forever

We’ll make it through the impossible smiling

We can make it through these nights

With the rhythmic beating of our hearts

We can travel on together


So we march on together our strengths entwined

And no one else’s heart can leave me smiling

And tonight we begin our adventure to forever

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