Rain Watching - 23/5/2011

Just random poems I've written; this will probably be added to over time - I think 'Rain Watching' is a good name for a book, and as I usually write poetry when it's raining (literally or metaphorically) it makes sense to me. Anyway, hope you enjoy these few words I have to say :3



The sun shines brightly

It’s a golden August day

My heart holds on tightly

To the last words i heard you say

“I’ll knock 3 times,

I’ll say your name

My messages will be signs

Soon we will be together again.”

And you left in a whisper

Leaving only i behind

To watch my faith wither

And senses become blind

But come October it will rain

And happy escape from the heat

Finally the weather reflects my pain

Of waiting for when we meet

The clouds roll in and a storm brews

Lightning shocks me into your touch

I realise time is all we can lose

Sparks fly as our fingers brush

And so i fall into haunting eyes

We kiss passionate and fearful

Under the most beautiful sky

Savouring our touch; so careful

“You promise me you’ll stay,

Even when I get tough,

You I’m better the next day

And love’s better when it’s rough”

Promises we made from stone

Even through the worst

Two lovers can never be alone

Everyone knows our thirst

Reeling at the chances

Of feeling like this

And so we go through our dances

And in the rain we kiss

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