Rain Watching - 23/5/2011

Just random poems I've written; this will probably be added to over time - I think 'Rain Watching' is a good name for a book, and as I usually write poetry when it's raining (literally or metaphorically) it makes sense to me. Anyway, hope you enjoy these few words I have to say :3


1. RAIN WATCHING 23/5/2011

What a simple joy there is to gain

By sitting and watching falling rain

As people in the street

Huddle and hurry under structured sheets

Or dally and wonder at the sight

Of the heavens opening and water’s flight

And those who can’t wait for summer

Scurry and scamper and look all the glummer!

And so the rain falls at terrifying pace

Then all of a sudden it’s gone without a trace

The rhythmic pitter-patter on the window sill

Dies away and the world seems eternally still

Without a soul on the pavement

Or a sound to be heard

The world takes a tumble without a word

Quietly a bird calls to its mate

And the silence passes with a mighty shake

Life goes back to normal as if rain never were

But impish signs of rain still occur!

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