the week of sadness

this is a story about sapphire and her little sister mia who's perants got killed by and evil man named aro tori.


1. when it happened

BANG!BANG! " LET ME IN, NOW!" Said the voice behind the door.

"Who is it? Stop banging so hard!"


"Just wait one second. Kids get in the closet!"

Just as he opened the door, he saw it... The knife, the shining knife that was gleaming in the sun light. Looking through the creak in the door i saw him, the knife slashing my mother and fathers throats. Blood every were and two bodys falling to the floor. He came looking for me and mia but never looked in the closet.

Me and Mia sat in closet for hours on end. scared, vulnerable and tired from crying. Just hours before, my mother and father were killed by mad man named aro tori and left them lying on the floor.

Once we felt safe, we came out and sat by our parents, remembering what we saw 2 hours ago made us fall into a heap on the floor in floods of tears.

"Sapphire. Mia said choking on her words. "Where are we going to go n-now? What are w-we going to do?" 

" I dont know, I wish I did and I wish mum and dad were still alive but there is nothing we can do but wait."


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