the week of sadness

this is a story about sapphire and her little sister mia who's perants got killed by and evil man named aro tori.


2. Rule.

"Rule number one, dont open the door to anyone, no one at all not even the post man or even the people next door. Any one can be a danger right now so dont trust anyone, AT ALL!"

"Rule two, if anyone knocks on the door we have to go and hide in the closet untill they have gone, I have put a lock there just in case."

"Rule three, dont answer the phone to anyone, if it is Aro Tori then he will know we are here and come and find us, take us away and probably kill us like they did to Mother and Father."

"Sapphire, what if we do follow all the rules and they still find us?"

"Mia, I dont know. All i know is that we need to get Mother and Father and burry them in the garden as we cant go out, clean up the mess of blood and work out how to live on the food that we have. Also we need to protect are self from Aro and his gang if he has one."

"Okay Sapphire."

Me and Mia set of cleaning up Mother and Father and the pool of blood on the floor, even though it was hard to see as we were in floods of tears. We then burried them in the garden by the tree that was sat at every summer afternoon having a picnik. Figuring out the food plan was hard, there is no where near enough food or drink to last us a month.

I followed Mia into the garden and sat by our parents graves and imagined what we would be doing if they were still here with Me and Mia, it was way to hard and had to stop after a while as we started to cry again.

" I love you Mum and Dad."

"I love you Mummy and Daddy." said Mia still crying from before.

Me and Mia walked back inside and sat down by the fire and thought deeply into our past with our parents. Going ice skating, segways, park, Christmas, Birthdays and back in the garden.

"Sapphire, what are we going to tell Grandma and Grandpa?"

"Where not Mia, they might come in but we will be in the closet hiding, we wont know if its Aro or not."

For the rest of the day Me and Mia where wondering about the future, when..

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