the week of sadness

this is a story about sapphire and her little sister mia who's perants got killed by and evil man named aro tori.


3. Kidnapped

The next day, Me and Mia sat in the living room staring out at the view of the forest across the road when a dirty white van pulled up outside of our house, five men came out and guess who came out last?

Aro Tori.

"Mia, run as fast as you can in to the closet! now!" I wispered quietly.

"Come on then Sapphire!"

Me and Mia ran in to the closet and locked the door behind us as fast as we could. We looked at each other worrying what would happen to us, if they would find us.

"Mia sit down as slowly and as quietly as you can dont make any noise." i wispered as quietly as i could.

Two seconds later there was a massive bang on the door, i look through the crack in the door to see the door swinging open to find Aro and his gang standing behind him holding big brown sacks that was big enough you could fit an elephant.

"Men, search every room in this house, get every peice of expencive belongings... Well, well, well what do we have here, the blood and the bodys have gone and the mess is all cleared up. Men the children are still in the house. Split up and find them, if you cant just fill the sacks with anything that is expencive or valuble." He said.

The men set of looking for Me and Mia and all our expencive valubles including our broches, money, jewlary and prized belongings. They then met up in the living room showing off all there belongings, im so scared. One man found my safe which contained £1,000 and another found a segway.

"Well done men, very well done I w..."

One of the five men interupted aro. "Aro, I mean Sir, do you count these as valuble and expencive?" He said pullling out Me and Mia out from behind his back and past his smelly sweaty arm pits... Wasnt nice. We were wriggling and screaming as load as we could just wondering if someone heard us but nothing worked. We were treated like rubbish and chucked in the back of the dirty little van in floods of streaming tears.


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