Matt and Hayley: Love at First Sight?

This is the first book in a planned series about two 12 year olds who meet for the first time. Simple tale but with a twist... Is Hayley all that she seems?


3. "You're a genius!"


When we entered Maths, Mr Caru immediately placed Hayley next to Frankie. Frankie's alright; she's clever, but is nicer than the nerds, who are just a pain. Mr Caru set us off with a starter doing indices, which we finished last lesson. I glanced at Hayley. Now she was in lessons, she seemed more calm and confident. I think I regret saying I'll never love another girl. I stopped liking girls when my last girlfriend, Sharly (weird name huh?), started cheating on me with Henry, who used to be one of my best mates. Sad, eh?

Back in the lesson, I eavesdropped on Mr Caru's conversation with Hayley about her maths skills. It wasn't exciting, but it was Hayley after all.

"So what level are you in maths?"

"I honestly don't know. But my old tutor told me to say GCSE to you."

"Really?!" Mr Caru walked to his desk and started rifling through paper.

GCSE!!! Smart and beautiful: just my type. I flickered my eyes over to the rest of the class: no one was doing the starter. Not even nerds, like Torquil, Evan and Ivor were doing it.

“Aha!” He produced a test paper and handed it to Hayley. “Last year’s paper. Do your best with it.” He turned to the class. “Now who’s finished the starter then?”

I hurriedly began multiplying and dividing powers. I didn’t get a single on e right, but neither did anyone else: we had about 5 seconds to do it. Throughout the lesson, I gazed at Hayley. Her perfect skin; her perfect hair; her perfect…everything. All the other boys stared too, even the ones with girlfriends! Soon, the bell rang and I’d done two questions on the worksheet. As soon as he dismissed us, I dashed out the door, to wait for Hayley there. Soon, everyone had come out, but still no sign of her.

I pushed back open the door, saying, “Hayley, if you’re there, hurry up! We’ll be late for music!” I turned and saw her, still packing her bag.

She looked up and met my eyes. She spoke exasperatedly. “Sir’s marking my paper, so I have to wait.” She carried on packing her bag.

She nearly fell asleep but I, strongman, caught her. Just.

“Whoa! Didn’t you sleep last night? You look like you’re getting more tired by the second!”

This time, when she looked at me, her eyes were full of sadness and apology. “I was busy.” She carried on packing her bag, brushing a hair away from her face. I could see her eyes again. They still shone like diamonds. I was mesmerized. I stared into her eyes. Every second, every moment, I fell more and more desperately in love with her.

"Finished." Sir's voice was loud and clear. Very loud, actually-I'd forgotten he was there. I jolted myself back to the present, just in time to hear Mr Caru say, "Full marks. Well done." He shook his head in disbelief and astoundment. (Is that a word?) "You'll go far in life, Hayley. With scores like that; at age 12!" He shook his head again, clearly still in shock.

"Come on, Hayley. Music's waiting!" I grabbed her arm and dragged her out, I really wanted to talk to her-privately. "By Sir!" As we walked down the stairs of Science block, (yes, a maths room in science block. There's a music room there too! Weird, huh? ;-)) I turned to Hayley, "You're a genius!"

"You flatter me." She smiled kindly and thankfully. It was, and is, the best smile I've ever seen. Gentle yet happy, and kind and caring, like she was finally happy.

"So we have music next?" We walked out through the doors into the fresh air, and turned right.

"How did you guess?" I asked in mock shock. (That's kinda catchy. Mock shock, mock shock.;-D) She laughed. I smiled and continued."Yeah." I smiled slyly. "You can show off your talent!" I wiggled my eyebrows and made her laugh. "Great, " she groaned. "All anyone does is fuss over me, or applaud me, or congratulate me, or stare at me." My face turned apologetic and shameful. She looked at me calmly; that is until she saw my face. Then she laughed. "Don't worry! I'm used to it!"

We got into the music block and I whispered, "Just go tell Miss Inzy you're new." I gave her a look of confidence and I pushed open the door. I glanced at Miss-she was not happy. She looked like a thundercloud. I kept my head down, and hurried to my seat. Hayley, however, walked upto Miss Inzy.

"Hi, I'm new. Sorry I was late, my Maths teacher was talking to me about something."

Miss Inzy's face softened. "Oh, okay." She pointed to a spare seat near Diane, or Bubbly as everyone calls her. "Sit there please. Class, carry on with your projects."

Stus grabbed me and yanked me over to our group. I hi-fived chris, Craig and Leo, whilst glaring at Stus. He held his hands up like, 'So-rry'. I hi-fived him too, just cus I'm nice.

I looked over my shoulder at Hayley. She was having a conversation with Miss Inzy. They seemed to be talking about her music talents cuz Hayley was talking for a long time. I guess I was right because Hayley opened a music case that, to be honest, I hadn't noticed she was carrying earlier, as I was too entranced by her beauty. She got out a beautiful, plain acoustic guitar, that I could tell had been played a lot.

I leaned forward to speak to 'the guys'. "Hey! Look. Hayley's gonna play the guitar."A long with the others, I spun my chair round to fully face her. She had one foot on a chair, and a strap round her shoulders.

She was clearly going to play, but was she as good as she said she is?...

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